Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random NYC Sights: Through Eric's Eyes

It has been many moons since I posted a hodgepodge collection of random sights we have recently seen around the city (see previous installments here, here and here). But lately, since we now own two cameras (our new DLSR and our always trusty point-and-shoot), Eric has started always carrying the point-and-shoot with him when he goes to work each day. You just never know when you might hear about an unexpected celebrity sighting opportunity (such as Will Smith filming Men In Black III in midtown last week), a fun event, or just pass something random on the street.

Last night I pulled the camera out of Eric's coat pocket and uploaded the pictures he has taken over the past few weeks. They are definitely a hodgepodge of unrelated subjects, and there's some entertaining stuff in there. So, let's take a look at random New York City, through Eric's eyes.

I believe Eric took this photo on St. Patrick's Day. This guy has made a number of appearances on the blog, as we see him all over town (notably Easter 2010, Easter 2009, and Memorial Day 2009). He's always crazily dressed, with dog-with-dyed-fur in tow (and usually, a bird on his head). He's good stuff.

This photo brought me great joy. This is Bryant Park, and if you notice, the ground does not look pretty. But that is wonderful news! That means they have removed the ice skating rink that fills the lawn in the winter and are hard at work to replace the grass. That means that soon I will be able to have lunch with Eric there once again, Broadway in Bryant Park will return, summer movies will return, the works. Warm weather fun is on its way!

Although lovely summer weather is certainly on it's way, this is a better depiction of our current weather. This is the Empire State Building, but you cannot even see the top of it due to fog. Not unusual these days.

This is a statue of Gandhi in Union Square, something I never realized was there until I saw this photo. A quick Google search informed me that just last week, poor Gandhi had his glasses stolen right off his face. They have been replaced by now, so not to worry.

Quick tangent: I suspect Eric took this photo when we went down to 14th Street before coming home one night so he could pick up some Chipotle for us. I know I have mentioned that there is no Chipotle in our immediate New Jersey area and that is a TRAVESTY. We now have to cross state lines to get our Chipotle fix. We have remedied that problem by having Eric go down to 14th Street after work to pick up dinner then bring it home via the 14th Street PATH train station. It's workable, but I have significantly less Chipotle in my life since moving out of the city. I'm sure my health is grateful but my taste buds are sad.

Another celebrity sighting! This was actually taken when I met up with Eric in the city on Monday. We were able to catch Tina Fey leaving Letterman that evening. Of course, we are jaded celebrity stalkers and were bummed that it was Tina Fey taping for The Late Show that night. We see her everywhere, so, you know, no biggie. What has New York turned us in to?

What is a day in New York without giant rats roaming the street? Eric saw these bad boys last night. If you look closely, the one on the left seems to be wearing a collar and Eric said the collar had some sort of identification tag on it. I'm just not sure what to make of that. (Side note: remember when a rat ran into my foot in the subway? I still shudder to think about it.)

This is an enormous Teddy Bear on Park Avenue. He is sitting under an actual functioning "bedside lamp." And if you like this bear, he apparently will be up for auction at Christie's next month. He could be yours!

And now you have a slight idea of the kinds of things Eric encounters on an average work day in the city. It's quite an interesting place to be, don't you think?


moderndaywife said...

I love Tina Fey(but not as much as that one celebrity stalker you talk about lol)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Eww I hate rats and shuddered for you when I read one ran into your foot!

Kristina said...

Great post! I am now a devoted blog stalker of yours :-)

Steph said...

I think those little, white rats are kind of adorable. And I didn't know there was a Ghandi statue around there. How cool!

KSK said...

I love when weird people dress up and walk the streets!
I found your page through Steph.. I think I'll stay and stalk a bit :)

Mrs. W. said...

Kristina & KSK, I'm glad to have you ladies as stalkers. :) Kristina, I stalk your blog too! And KSK, I'm going to have to keep an eye on yours, as well - your daughter is so cute!