Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015: A Tangled Tale

Happy Halloween from the W. family!

In keeping with tradition, we have prepared a little story for you to celebrate this fine day.

(To see past years, click accordingly: 2012—Snow White; 2013—Little Mermaid; 2014—Peter Pan and Tinkerbell)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. She had magical golden hair that could heal injuries and restore a person's youthful appearance when Rapunzel sang a special song.

Rapunzel lived in the very top of a tall, tall tower, unknowingly held captive by Mother Gothel who wanted to keep Rapunzel's magic all to herself.

Rapunzel was lonely, though she did have her faithful chameleon friend Pascal to keep her company.

Rapunzel and Pascal played the days away, although Rapunzel dreamed of seeing the world outside her tower.

One day, a handsome outlaw named Flynn Rider was desperately trying to escape palace horse Maximus, who wanted to see him arrested for his crimes.

While fleeing his equine pursuer, Flynn found his way up into Rapunzel's tower.

Rapunzel bargained with Flynn Rider and convinced him to take her to see the floating lanterns that appeared in the sky each year on her birthday. So, against her mother's wishes, Rapunzel (and Pascal) left the tower for the first time. Rapunzel was in awe of the grass and trees and whole outside world!

Rapunzel and Flynn set off on their quest, which turned into quite an adventure. And, through all the excitement, they even fell in love.

Mother Gothel, however, feared losing Rapunzel's magic powers that kept her looking so young. So, she convinced Rapunzel that Flynn never really loved her and Rapunzel ran back to the comfort of her mother's arms.

However, Flynn truly did love Rapunzel and would not allow her to be returned to Mother Gothel's control. He stormed her tower to save her, only to be fatally wounded by the evil Mother Gothel. In his last act of bravery, Flynn chopped off Rapunzel's magical hair, thus thwarting Mother Gothel's wicked plans.

As Flynn lay wounded, Rapunzel cried for him. A single golden tear slid down her cheek and onto his chest. That tear contained the last bit of magic she had.

The magical tear healed Flynn Rider's wounds and revived him! Rapunzel was thrilled!

And so, all ended well. Flynn Rider made amends with arch enemy Maximus...

...Rapunzel and Flynn lived happily ever after...

...and Pascal never changed.

Happy Halloween, friends!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Our 2015 Jack-O-Lantern

This past Tuesday we carved our 2015 Halloween pumpkin. We had hoped for a nice outdoor evening like last year, but alas, a rainy day forced us inside. Even still, we were excited!

Pumpkin time!

Eric cut the top off and Ellie scooped about a spoonful of insides out...

She was excited!

...before things took a turn for the tearful. Apparently she was upset that she couldn't get all of it out.

Life is rough when you're three years old.

Her brother followed suit when it was his turn to have a hand at the pumpkin goop...

Just making happy memories over here, folks.

...though he was able to turn his frown upside down.


While I poked the holes in the pumpkin and Eric carved, the kids watched a Curious George Halloween movie on my computer.

Watching together

Outlining the design

E.J. wants to help!

Eric working his pumpkin magic

Eric did a great job with the carving, as usual! We once again went with a beloved children's television character: Buddy from "Dinosaur Train." E.J. is super into dinosaurs in general and Ellie loves "Dinosaur Train" (you may remember that she and Eric had a date to see "Dinosaur Train Live" a while back...and if you don't remember, she will be happy to remind you). It was a hit!


E.J. approves!

Admiring his dinosaur pumpkin

Ellie loves it, too!

This was the best picture I could get of the two kids with the pumpkin. I'll take it!

We're ready for Halloween now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fun on the Farm

This past Saturday we made our annual trip to Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres for some fall fun on the farm, and we had a great time! (See previous Conner's outings here and here.)

Howdy! Let's go have some fun!

First things first, Ellie wanted to play in the corn. So, she played in the corn.

Corn angels!

Meanwhile, E.J. roamed all over the place and even had himself his own personal little hoedown.

Standing in some hay and feeling pretty country

VIDEO: E.J.'s Hoedown

An excellent baby containment device

Next up was some fun with animals. Ellie was very excited to ride a horse again!

She seemed much more stable up there this year (no pun intended, ha)!

Watching the horses

Then, we visited with the rest of the animals. The bunnies were a particular hit, especially with E.J., who laughed every time he touched that rabbit and gave it roughly a billion adorable baby kisses.

E.J. and his favorite part of the farm: a bunny named Sophie!

Ellie with bunny Midnight and a mini-horse (whose name I cannot recall)

So happy in hay.

Heart to heart with a goat

Next up was pumpkin patch time! Ellie did a lot of awkward toddler smiling while E.J. went up and down the ramp to the country shop as many times as his little legs would carry him. Which is ALL THE TIMES.

E.J. in the pumpkin patch

Ellie in the pumpkin patch

Crazy girl
(Side Ellie story: a woman who worked at the farm complimented Ellie on her dress. She said, "What a pretty dress! Someone must really love you!" to which Ellie replied, "EVERYBODY loves me." Confidence, folks. She has it.)


Then, it was time to ride some farm rides. Ellie and Eric rode the "tractor bike," then the three of them rode the barrel train.

Ellie and Eric on the bike

Ellie selected T-Bone for her ride...

...while the W. men opted for Duchess.

Train circling a tree!

Sweet little E.J. held on to his daddy's hands the whole way

After the train, we visited with the pigs.

They were a-grunting

Here, piggy piggy!

Our last big adventure was the hayride to the corn maze. We boarded the hayride and went a short distance, where we stopped and fed treats to the cows.

All aboard!

Here come the cows!

Cow tongue taking the treat from Ellie!

Feeding the cows

Then it was on to the corn maze. We did a very abbreviated version of the maze just to get a taste of it. The kids were getting hungry and tired by that point so we weren't feeling particularly ambitious. But, you know, cute pictures of kids in corn!

It was a beautiful day!

Ellie in the corn maze

On our way!

Lead on, E.J.!

Corn maze selfie with my best girl

With my kiddos!

Happy E.J.!

After our time in the maze we hopped back on the hayride back to "camp" and called it a day. What a great fall family outing!