Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Connor's A-Maize-Ing Acres

A few weeks ago, a Living Social deal for Connor's A-Maize-Ing Acres showed up in my email, and Eric and I decided to snatch it up. After all the fun we had at Queens County Farm a few years ago, and the adorableness that was Ellie in the Hoboken Harvest Festival pumpkin patch last year, we knew we wanted to seek out some sort of fall farm fun this year, and that deal seemed like just the right opportunity.

This past Saturday was Fall Fun Day, so off we went to the farm, which is just under an hour's drive from us. The farm was quite welcoming and we were feeling the fall spirit.

Howdy to you, too, farm!


First things first, we stuck Ellie in a tub of corn. Because, obviously.

She did not love it.

We decided we should get something for lunch before really checking things out, so Eric waited in line for some food while Ellie and I hit the swings, played with buckets at the dirt pile, and generally just ran around.

On the move!

This kid loves buckets.

Running to Dada

It was a pretty hot day (and I actually miss fall weather because I am a sick, sick individual), so by the time we reached the front of the food line, we were parched. It was there that Ellie sampled her first sweet tea, which she quite enjoyed. Congratulations, kid. You're officially a southerner now.

She's hooked.

With food in hand, we found a spot under some trees to sit and picnic. Ellie most enjoyed stealing our fries and dipping them in ketchup. And when the fries ran out, not to worry, she'll just dip her banana in ketchup instead.

Ellie and her Daddy eating fries

Banana in ketchup

After lunch, Ellie and Eric went for a ride on the cow train.

Cow train!

How much does that kid in the front hate his life right now?

We then did a little wandering before ending up on the hay ride. I thought Ellie would be quite excited because as soon as the ride got started, they stopped in the cow pasture to let the cows come eat the very hay on which we were sitting. Ellie is huge into animals these days, so I figured she'd be excitedly moo-ing up a storm. But I suppose the heat and lack of nap were taking their toll, and she just wanted to cuddle up with her Daddy while the cows did their thing.

On the hay ride

Here comes a hungry cow

Cows having a snack

Ellie and Eric hanging out while the cows eat

The hayride took us to the corn maze, so naturally we hopped off and got started on that. Eric did a great job as our leader and Ellie navigated the whole thing quite well, too, especially considering it was her first corn maze experience.

Sign at the entrance to the maze

In the maze!

Follow the leader

Ellie in corn

Hitching a ride

Family photo

When we completed the maze we hopped back on the hay ride and returned to the main farm. There we had fun with photo ops...

Smuggling contraband to the prisoners

Rule Breaker Ellie is ready for the stocks!

A new take on "American Gothic"

Atop a tractor made of hay

...and then Ellie and I took a little break in the grass.

All this fall fun is quite tiring!

Then we went to check out some animals...

Feeding a horse

A lady brought a bunny over to Ellie so she could pet it, and she was just all, "sure, I'll take a bunny" and tried to hold it. That's just so very Ellie.

...and then we hit the pumpkin patch to close things out.

Pumpkin Patch!

My pretty pumpkin

My most favorite picture of the day! Love this kid.

And that was our day of fun at the farm! Naturally, Ellie passed out on the drive home and we put her to bed early that night. Even still, she slept in late the next morning - an unexpected weekend treat for her parents! I guess farm life is really quite exhausting for a sweet toddler girl.

So now that we're officially in the fall spirit, it's time to focus on Halloween! Let the costume brainstorming commence!

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Lauren said...

How fun and love the pics of Ellie in the pumpkin patch! Her hair is getting so long!