Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013: Under the Sea

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from the W. family!

In following with a tradition started last year, allow us to tell you a little story in celebration of this rather fun holiday.

Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid named Ariel. She was beautiful and charming and had a lovely voice.


She was also obsessed with All Things Human, and she and her best bud Flounder were always swimming off for great adventures in search of knowledge about this forbidden world.


One day, a ship carrying a handsome prince encountered bad weather. As the ship went down, Ariel bravely rescued the handsome Prince Eric and brought him safely to shore.


However, no matter how much she loved him, she had to return to the sea.


Her longing to return to land and her beloved prince overcame her, and with nowhere else to turn for help, she swam straight to the arms of the Evil Sea Witch.


She struck a deal with the witch, trading her sweet voice for human legs, with the stipulation that her Prince had to kiss her in order for her to remain human permanently. Despite the objections of her friends Flounder and Sebastian, and father King Triton, Ariel opened her mouth and sent her voice right to the Sea Witch.

DSC_0204 - Version 2

Now human, Ariel returned to land to seek out a kiss from her Prince.


Naturally, the Prince was swept off his feet by our adorable mermaid princess and a kiss was not hard to come by.


And so, having defeated the Evil Sea Witch, and thus obtaining permanent human status, Ariel and Prince Eric lived happily ever after.


And that was one happy mermaid indeed.


Happy Halloween, everyone!


Dad/Papa said...

Love it, but if you created the story couldn't you have bagged a better character for yourself??

Lauren said...

This is so adorable and creative! Hope your family has a Happy Halloween :-)

Becky said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is too cute for words!! You guys are so awesome and creative. And yes, Meghan, you really need to stop playing the part of the wicked witch!! 2 years in a row!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!!! That was so creative and adorable!
Oscars for everyone!

Love, Aunt Rachel

Molly said...

I second Aunt Rachel: Oscars for everyone! Lovely story and great costumes!