Monday, October 14, 2013

Pretty Pumpkin

Yesterday, we hit up another pumpkin patch. There were some photo ops and climbing structures for the kiddos, but mostly, it was just pumpkins. Ellie has decided she really enjoys a nice pumpkin, so this worked out just fine. And, we were able to snap this picture of our pretty little pumpkin:

Just seeing how much more "into" everything Ellie is this fall as compared to last year is making me really excited for the upcoming holiday season. It will be so cool to watch her be an active participant in all the fun things we do, rather than just an adorable, observant-yet-fairly-helpless little shrimp. Of course, this may bite me when it comes time to dress her in a Halloween costume and/or a Christmas dress, because apparently my kid has opinions. Say what? You mean she's NOT just a precious little doll for me to dress up at will? Madness.

Stay tuned to see how all that works out!


Lauren said...

She's just adorable!!! Can't wait to have a kid eventually to take photos of for the holidays lol (wishful thinking) :-)

Dad/Papa said...

Don't worry, you still have Achilles to torture (I mean dress up)