Friday, October 4, 2013

The Jacksonville Zoo

On Sunday, we were looking for something to do. I did a little Googling for things to do in Jacksonville on that particular date, and lo and behold, the Jacksonville Zoo was having a Guest Appreciation Day with $5 admission (regular price is $15). Sold!

This was Ellie's third lifetime visit to a zoo (first was the Cleveland Zoo at the ripe old age of four months old, second was the St. Louis Zoo at 14 months), and each time, she loves it more than the last. She's huge into animals these days so I knew it would be a hit. We had particularly great luck, too: so many of the animals were so active! Usually at the zoo most are just loafing around, generally napping and hiding and such, but these animals were putting on a show. Check it out:

Okay, so the rhinos were napping. But at least they were doing so in plain sight!

The warthogs (one of God's uglier creatures, I must say) were running all over the place 

 Baby zebra!!! Awwwwww.

 Snake eyes.

Even this turtle was hightailing it around.

Ellie making elephant noises (complete with trunk action, as pictured) at the elephants

Vulture practicing his intimidating stare

Ellie was very excited about this large "meow."

VIDEO: Ellie tell us all what a leopard says. (Do leopards actually meow?)


VIDEO: Ellie tells us what the lion says. Aside from the low volume, I'd say she nailed it.

Giraffes! We really wanted to feed them, but the line was too long. Next time!

Sitting on the trunk of an elephant (statue) and super amazed by it

Being stalked by a jaguar

Checking out the weird sleeping creature whose name started with a "T" but currently escapes me. All I can think of is "tilapia" but yeah, that's not it. I don't reckon this is a mild freshwater fish.

Photo op with Daddy

This penguin wanted to be friends. Who am I to argue with a penguin?

Smooches for Daddy in a tree house in the play area

After 18 months, we have finally found something Ellie is afraid of: plummeting to her death through a rope net at high altitude. FINALLY!

Brushing goats in the children's area

The humidity made her long (!!!) locks curl! Love.

We had a great morning at the zoo. It really was a very nice zoo and I would be eager to go back again. They also had a great splash park in the children's area (and you know how Ellie loves a good splash park), although now it is closed until March. After the cooler (by Florida standards) months, we may look into a zoo membership so Ellie and I can animal-watch and splash regularly. The zoo is an easy drive from our apartment and I know Ellie would love to visit more often!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Becky said...

Looked like lots of fun! That would be great if you could get a membership. Meghan, you crack me up!