Monday, October 7, 2013

One and a Half

As you know, last weekend Ellie turned 18 months old.

We couldn't resist an official 18-month picture!

We had already celebrated Achilles' 10th birthday the day before, so we were in quite the festive mood. So naturally, we decided to have a little half-birthday celebration for Ellie. When I was growing up, my mom always remembered our half-birthdays and sang us a special birthday song that day. I also saw an idea on Pinterest a while back to make a "half birthday cake" for your kids, so that's just what I did, and I topped it with one and a half candles:

Please disregard my less-than-stellar baking/decorating skills and instead admire the idea and the cute little half candle.

We turned on the special Half Birthday Song of my childhood (thanks, YouTube!) and sang to Ellie while we presented her with her cake. She was not convinced.

She's mostly just mad that we won't let her play with the lit candles, I suspect.

Helping Ellie blow out her candles

VIDEO: Happy half birthday, Ellie!

I was starting to think, "man, this kid and cake, am I right?" while having flashbacks to her first birthday photo shoot:

Yeah. That did not go well.
(Photo by Jason Angelini Photography)

But, never fear, she cheered up when her piece was served and actually consumed a little! My new theory is that she is just far too civilized/dainty/polite/prim/proper to do any of this "smashing with the hands" nonsense, but when you hand her a fork (or put her cake on a stick), she has no issues with the otherwise foul stuff.

Taste test!

She approves!

And that was our big half birthday celebration. I can't believe we're only six months away from Ellie's second birthday! Happy 18 months, sweet pea!

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Lauren said...

She's too funny with the cake pics, but oh so cute! 18 months?! crazy!