Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Free" and a Half

Last week, Ellie turned "free and a half." We celebrated her half-birthday with a little half birthday cake and the special Disney birthday song my mom used to sing to my sister and me on our half birthdays when we were kids. Ellie picked out her cake flavor and frosting and was so excited to enjoy it! E.J. didn't hate it, either.

The half-birthday girl!

Blowing out her three and a half candles

E.J. is game for this tradition!

I know, half birthdays are somewhat silly to celebrate. But those six extra months mean a lot to kids, don't they? That "and a half" is very important! Ellie is already eager to tell you that she'll be "four for my birthday!" Plus, you know, it's an extra occasion for cake!

Happy Half-Birthday, Ellie-Girl!

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