Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Two weeks ago, Ellie had her first school "field trip," to the pumpkin patch at the church! Does it count as a field trip if you just walk a short distance on school property to get to your destination? Eh, let's not get caught up in semantics.

Anyway, she had her field trip, and parents were invited to come along, so E.J. and I joined in the fun. I loved this little glimpse of Ellie at her school! She was so excited to be in her classroom and basically paid me no mind as she walked "in a straight line" with her classmates and interacted with her friends and teachers. It was great to witness!

When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, the kids sat on a blanket and one of the church volunteers read them a couple of fall-themed stories. Then, they set them free. Everyone had some time to run around and check out the pumpkins. Both kids loved it! Ellie was most excited about the photo ops and E.J. just wanted to run around like a lunatic and climb on everything, as is his way.

Running free in a pumpkin patch!

Ellie the sunflower!

Good effort, E.J.!

Perusing the pumpkins

Handsome little fellow!

Oh yes. And then I told Ellie to "stand here by the pumpkins and smile pretty" and she gave me the most amazingly awesomely ridiculous toddler smile of all time. This is my new favorite picture. LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR FACE. DOES THAT REALLY FEEL LIKE A SMILE TO YOU.


As the field trip came to a close, each student was allowed to pick one small pumpkin to take home. Ellie loved hers and it is proudly on display in her room now.

Proud pumpkin owner!

Poor E.J. really wanted one of his own. Sometimes it's hard being the little brother!

We walked back to the classroom and bid Ellie farewell, and she hardly noticed we left as she went and sat so nicely on the classroom rug for circle time. She even sat criss-cross-applesauce. They grow up so fast, don't they?

That day in school, the kids also painted portraits of their pumpkins!

I love that Ellie's teachers write exactly what she says when they ask her about her project, because Ellie would absolutely say "it's just my pumpkin." (And that's exactly what she did say when I asked her about it later.)

I loved this first field trip experience with Ellie! I want to write more about how she's doing in school soon, because it has really been great. She's such an awesome kid!

First field trip selfie! What a big girl!

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