Friday, October 23, 2015

Jaxtoberfest 2015

In my last post I talked about the Great Candy Run, but that was only one-half of a very fun Jacksonville-y day. After the run we went back home for lunch and naps, and then ventured back out into the world for Jaxtoberfest 2015, held this year at the St. John's Town Center. (You may recall we went to Jaxtoberfest 2013, too!)

Ready for some good German fun!

We had a very nice time at Jaxtoberfest! We saw some wiener dog racing...

This dog gets that it's funny.

Go, doggies, go!

...played some giant Jenga...

Eric and Ellie got a great game going!

That's looking pretty precarious!

Oh, boy, she's going for it!


...and enjoyed some pretzels and beer (thanks, Mom!).

The Germans know what to do.

The biggest hit of all, however, was the football-throwing. Eric had a good time with it, of course, but the kids also loved it. Ellie was all about it, and E.J. thought grabbing the footballs out of the bucket and throwing them was about the coolest thing that a man could do with his time. We hung out by the footballs for quite a while as we watched the bratwurst-eating and beer-stein-holding competitions.

Look at these athletes!

Good effort, Ellie!

Nice throw, E.J.!

Ellie even played a little catch with a police officer!


Meanwhile, this sort of thing was happening nearby on the stage.

Ellie and my mom watching the competition

As the afternoon wore on the sky started to darken and the kids were pretty tired, so we returned all the footballs to their designated bucket and made our way to the exit. No sooner had we all buckled our seat belts in our car than the torrential downpour began, so our timing was on point!

Auf wiedersehen, Jaxtoberfest!

Another fun Jacksonville event in the books!

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