Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015: A Tangled Tale

Happy Halloween from the W. family!

In keeping with tradition, we have prepared a little story for you to celebrate this fine day.

(To see past years, click accordingly: 2012—Snow White; 2013—Little Mermaid; 2014—Peter Pan and Tinkerbell)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. She had magical golden hair that could heal injuries and restore a person's youthful appearance when Rapunzel sang a special song.

Rapunzel lived in the very top of a tall, tall tower, unknowingly held captive by Mother Gothel who wanted to keep Rapunzel's magic all to herself.

Rapunzel was lonely, though she did have her faithful chameleon friend Pascal to keep her company.

Rapunzel and Pascal played the days away, although Rapunzel dreamed of seeing the world outside her tower.

One day, a handsome outlaw named Flynn Rider was desperately trying to escape palace horse Maximus, who wanted to see him arrested for his crimes.

While fleeing his equine pursuer, Flynn found his way up into Rapunzel's tower.

Rapunzel bargained with Flynn Rider and convinced him to take her to see the floating lanterns that appeared in the sky each year on her birthday. So, against her mother's wishes, Rapunzel (and Pascal) left the tower for the first time. Rapunzel was in awe of the grass and trees and whole outside world!

Rapunzel and Flynn set off on their quest, which turned into quite an adventure. And, through all the excitement, they even fell in love.

Mother Gothel, however, feared losing Rapunzel's magic powers that kept her looking so young. So, she convinced Rapunzel that Flynn never really loved her and Rapunzel ran back to the comfort of her mother's arms.

However, Flynn truly did love Rapunzel and would not allow her to be returned to Mother Gothel's control. He stormed her tower to save her, only to be fatally wounded by the evil Mother Gothel. In his last act of bravery, Flynn chopped off Rapunzel's magical hair, thus thwarting Mother Gothel's wicked plans.

As Flynn lay wounded, Rapunzel cried for him. A single golden tear slid down her cheek and onto his chest. That tear contained the last bit of magic she had.

The magical tear healed Flynn Rider's wounds and revived him! Rapunzel was thrilled!

And so, all ended well. Flynn Rider made amends with arch enemy Maximus...

...Rapunzel and Flynn lived happily ever after...

...and Pascal never changed.

Happy Halloween, friends!

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