Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Glimmer of Hope

Yesterday was an utterly fabulous day, weather-wise. It started out dreary (as it always seems to be these days), but by mid-afternoon the sun was shining so I took Achilles out for a quick walk. I stepped outside my apartment and nearly cried. It was warm - about 80 degrees! And sunny. And I was in a t-shirt, with no winter coat. It was glorious. Maybe this Winter That Will Never End will end, after all!

Achilles and I walked through both of our nearby Pier parks, people-watched (there was lots of that to do, as everyone else was out enjoying the warm weather, too), and I sat on a bench along the Riverfront Walkway for a bit and read my Kindle while Achilles ate random things off the ground when I wasn't looking. All in all, a great afternoon in the great outdoors.

People enjoying  the beautiful day along Pier C

Even when we got back home, Achilles couldn't get enough of the sunshine and took advantage of our west-facing apartment to soak up some late afternoon rays.

He is a Florida dog, after all.

Yesterday evening I went into the city to meet up with Eric for a bit, where I was pleased to see things in bloom around town:

Beautiful tulips in a planter on the streets of Midtown

On our way back home, we also stopped to partake in another very positive sign of spring - al fresco dining! It so warms my winter-weary heart to see restaurants start setting up their outdoor seating areas. It's one of my favorite things about warm weather in the city.

Of course, today it is back in the 50s and dreary, with more rain on the way tonight. April Showers and all that, I guess. But, yesterday's temps and those happy little tulips give me hope. We may just get to summer yet!

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Dad said...

It's coming soon...warm weather and the fun that comes with it!