Thursday, April 30, 2015

Final March Catch-Up

At long last! As of the end of this post, I will officially talked my way through our entire March 2015. The seemingly impossible has happened. Phew! What a recap rampage! Now that March will be over, I can get started talking about that it's almost May. I'm timely like that.

Anyway. In addition to all the birthday party/Easter/Disney fun I've been sharing with you, we had other fun during the month of March, as well. Smaller fun, I guess you might say, but fun nonetheless. So let's look back at March.

Things started out crazy, with a big mock trial project for me to kick off the month. That, of course, is what got me so behind around here, because my work demanded all of my free time (and then some) for a couple weeks, and when that wrapped up, I had to go hardcore after my various projects for Ellie's birthday party. I have had a case/project to work on just weeks before Ellie's party for three years running now—yes, that's EVERY SINGLE YEAR that I've been throwing parties for her. Just to keep it interesting! Adding an infant into the mix this year added an extra twist, but hey, we managed! And it's always nice to have work come in.

Short nap + Eric still at work + I have a ton of work to do = let the baby keep himself entertained on my back while I get things done!
(Also, there's a half-completed project for Ellie's party on the table behind me!)

As for the kids, Ellie continued to exert her influence over her daily outfits, which has sparked many a conversation with chuckling onlookers when we go out in public. (Personally, I love that she rocks whatever makes her feel good at the moment!)

Daniel Tiger sighting at the playground

Sensible outfit she chose for naptime

E.J. continued to dream of a life on the outside.

He dreams of FREEDOM

We went to the zoo, because we always go to the zoo, but this time it was largely to see the new Titanoboa (prehistoric megasnake) exhibit. Ellie was unimpressed but E.J. became fast friends with a rattlesnake.


E.J., me, and a rattlesnake. Not pictured: E.J. trying to grab and eat the rattlesnake's head through the glass.

Doc Ellie was also on hand at the zoo to administer check-ups to the goats.

"His heart sounds good!"

We spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun at the playground.

Ellie and Eric running and playing

E.J. having fun, as always

Ellie learned to slide headfirst!

Ellie started napping with a few toys in her bed...

She's not lonely, that's for sure.

...and demonstrated impressive mess-making skills on days when she opted out of her nap.

Oh my.

We played at the new Imagination Station in Hemming Park.

Fun with blocks!

We made paper duck wings and silly faces at storytime.

She wore those duck wings till they fell apart.

At the storytime right before Ellie's birthday, we even got to meet Corduroy.

So happy!

We explored the new southbank riverwalk, which is quite nice.

Wearing all the babies for our walk along the river

Eric and Ellie made up a "run, hide and scare Mama" game

Riverwalk scenery

And, of course, the sibling love continued, as Ellie developed a fondness for "eating the baby."

They both love it.

And that was the rest of our March!

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