Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Three-Year-Old

Ellie is three years old!

Now that we've discussed Ellie's party fun and details, let's talk about her actual birthday weekend. The Saturday before her birthday (March 28th - my sister's birthday!), we decided to take her out for a little birthday shopping treat. We started at Barnes & Noble, where we picked up the Tangled book she had been asking for and redeemed her Kids' Club free birthday cupcake in the cafe.

Birthday cupcake!

She stopped eating her cupcake to read her book. That's serious!

Then, we walked over to the Disney Store to spend a gift card she received from friends at her party (Thanks, Cathy!!!!). It just so happened the Disney Store was celebrating its 28th birthday that day, complete with party hats and a 30% discount on the entire store. When we mentioned to an employee that it was also Ellie's birthday, she gave her a "Happy Birthday" pin and put her "name in lights" on the video screen while the store played the Mickey Mouse "Happy Birthday" song. Fancy!

Partying at the Disney store

She's famous!

The celebratory discount allowed Ellie to really stretch her gift card and she used it to purchase a Rapunzel wig and Anna doll, both of which have become fast favorites in our house.

That big ol' Disney Store bag and THAT'S the face I get?!

Modeling her new Rapunzel braid

My dad came into town for the weekend, and he arrived that afternoon. The kids were thrilled to see him and we walked with him to the park, then called it a day and he went to check in to his hotel on the beach.

The rest of the day was mellow, though after the kids were in bed Eric and I enjoyed some alcoholic refreshments that my sister brought me from Japan in honor of her birthday. We also decked out Ellie's bedroom door: we blew up balloons and attached them to the door with tulle (I meant to use party streamers but forgot to buy them), so that when she opened her door in the morning, the balloons would fall down on her.

Happy birthday to Heather!

Ready for Ellie's birthday morning!

The next morning, I went in to get Ellie out of bed when she woke up, and after helping her change into her Rapuznel dress (naturally), she opened her door and got her balloon surprise. She was quite pleased (to quote: "Balloons! Balloons in my room! I'm so surprises [sic]! It's my birthday! I love my birthday!"), and actually just enjoyed the balloons for a few minutes before the "bonking" of baby brother commenced.

Balloon attack!

She loved it!


My dad came back over that morning and we all went out to Hemming Park for the Hippity Hoppity Easter Bash (see the post about it here).

Ellie and Papa on her birthday

That afternoon, the adults hung out while the kids napped. When they got up, we set up Ellie's new basketball hoop outside and had some fun playing with that.

Slam dunk!

What fun is having a little baby if you can't put him silly places?

Then we let her open up her birthday gift from us: Doc McStuffins' Mobile Clinic. She LOVED it.

Happily standing by her present

Checking it all out

We also made her a "Big Book of Boo-Boos" to color in

E.J. and Ellie giving alligator a check-up

For dinner we had pizza (Ellie's favorite!) and then sang and had cake.

She blew out all her candles by herself!

VIDEO: Happy Birthday, dear Ellie!

The next day, Eric was back at work but my dad was still in town so we took him to the zoo to show him around. We had a nice time, and Ellie didn't want to leave!

Checking out the rhinos with Papa

Group selfie!

When we got back home it was naptime for the kiddos and my dad left to head home, thus ending a very fun birthday weekend for Ellie. She seemed to really enjoy herself, and I'm so glad. She is the coolest three-year-old, and every day she impresses me, makes me laugh, and tugs at my heartstrings. She is really a very special little girl, and I hope she could feel how loved she is on her birthday (and every day, for that matter!). Happy birthday, bug!

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