Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hunting Eggs at the Jacksonville Zoo

On the Saturday of Easter weekend, we spent the morning at the zoo for the Easter egg hunt held on the Great Lawn. When we arrived we went right back to secure a spot for the younger age division, and the line was insanely long. But we were excited anyway!

This girl is ready to find some eggs!


Despite how far back in line we were, we were able to make it into the mess of people just in time for the hunt to start. It was PANDEMONIUM.


Considering that she doesn't love big crowds these days, Ellie did very well navigating the madness to track down a good selection of eggs.

Dodging people, basket at the ready

Found one!


But, after a few eggs she was over it. We could see plenty more around the area but she'd had enough. She also didn't want to pose for an "after" photo so instead we just subjected her baby brother to a little Easter photo prop action. (Eric helped E.J. gather a couple eggs, too!)

Baby in a basket!

When we left the craziness and arrived at the safe familiarity of the carousel, Ellie was a little more photo-ready. Then, of course, she and Eric rode the carousel.

Post-hunt smiles!

Her happy place!

We had borrowed a Todder Tula (baby carrier) from my local babywearing group's lending library, and Ellie was loving it. After the carousel she asked to "ride on Daddy's back." When Eric obliged, she happily exclaimed, "Look, E.J.! We're in wrappers together!"

So, now we have to buy a toddler carrier, because she is too happy to let this go!

With the Easter fun out of the way, we continued on through the usual suspects at the zoo: lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and the Florida loop, including alligators and panthers. A notable exhibit was the snakes, in which the huge boa was in the process of eating a whole rabbit. You know, because nothing says "Happy Easter, Kids!" quite like a huge snake unhinging its jaw to swallow a bunny.

Ellie and Eric looking at the rhinos

E.J. and me watching the elephants

Easter dinner for the snake. You're welcome for posting the blurriest picture!


Checking out the panther exhibit - one was sleeping right up against the observation glass!

Sweet face

This eagle will not tolerate any of your nonsense.

E.J. loved my bear impression!

When we'd had enough zoo, we made our way to the exit, stopping for a snake snap bracelet for Ellie at the gift shop. On the way home we picked up some Arby's and had a little picnic lunch in the backyard.

She loves french fries and "turkey" (all lunch meat is turkey to her)

E.J. joined our picnic, although he's not yet into the fast food!

And so continued our very fun Easter weekend!

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