Monday, April 13, 2015

In and Out

Today is E.J.'s "In and Out" day: he has officially been alive outside of the womb for as long as he was inside. I like him much better on this side of things, though admittedly I get less sleep.

On the left, me at 40 weeks pregnant. E.J. was actually born at 40 weeks and 3 days, but nobody was posing for a belly shot that day because GET THE BABY OUT.
On the right, E.J. and me at 40 weeks and 3 days postpartum!

For any who may be wondering, we had E.J.'s most recent doctor visit this afternoon. He did gain weight this month (yay!), but is holding strong at roughly the third percentile for weight. But, that is good news in that he actually stayed on his "curve" this month instead of falling more percentage points (although he is running out of points to fall, frankly). The doctor seemed encouraged that he is eating some now and that he still seems happy, active and otherwise growing well. We were left with instructions to continue what we are doing, as well as trying to boost his caloric intake with foods like avocado, olive oil and scrambled eggs. Instead of a monthly visit, we will go back for another weight check in six weeks.

I was very encouraged by this. It was not nearly so "gloom and doom" as last month's visit (we met with a different doctor in the last month, though, too), and was more in line with what I have felt is the case: he might just be tiny, and have a weird growth pattern. It could be indicative of something metabolic going on, or it could just be E.J.'s style. So we'll just let him do his thing and see where we are in May, unless anything changes before then. I'm on board with that plan.

So, keep your chubby baby thoughts coming, and I'll continue using any means necessary to get my little shrimp to eat.

I'll tell you what—I may prefer him outside of my belly, but it sure was easier to get him food the other way! And more fun for me, too! Because I'm pretty sure nothing fattens a baby up quite like daily Chipotle, right?

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