Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm a Holiday Behind

Phew! I'm officially coming up for air! I think all our madness of the last month has largely subsided and I'm ready to tackle April. March was just a blur of activity and deadlines and projects and travel and now it's over. Time to breathe.

One of the first steps in getting my life back together will be trying to get my poor overworked iPhoto under control, and sharing many of those pictures here. Things have been so crazy I have not maintained the usual organizational standards for my photo uploads all month and things are...messy. I have my work cut out for me in terms of editing, organizing, uploading and blogging!

In surveying the damage, I realized that I never even shared a photo of E.J. on his first St. Patrick's Day here. Poor, neglected second child. How could I let one of his few remaining first holidays pass by without the world knowing how dashing he looks in green??? For shame.

So, behold, my very kissable wee Irish lad, back on March 17th:

You can tell he's super excited about the day, right? Actually, this photo was taken shortly before we left for our spring break Disney trip, which was great fun. So it's hard to narrow down exactly what he's so excited about: Disney? St. Patrick's Day? Or, maybe the fact that his newest cousin was born that day! Congrats to my cousin Molly and her family on the birth of their new little girl on St. Patrick's Day, and to my cousin Jacob and his family on the birth of their little girl only about a week prior! It's a baby boom, my friends! And E.J. is clearly stoked.

Thanks for your patience as I ran around like a crazy person all of March! Now get ready for me to blow up your email/reader/blog-reading-method-of-choice as I start getting things together and telling you all about it!

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