Thursday, April 23, 2015

My One-Legged Scoot Crawlers

If you think back to Ellie's days as a wee crawling babe, you might remember that she crawled with a pretty distinctive style. Instead of crawling on all fours, Ellie pulled one knee up and used her foot (flat on the floor) to propel herself around. We coined it her "scoot crawl." I had never seen this crawling style before, and frankly it was a little goofy, but I loved that it felt so uniquely Ellie.

9-month-old Ellie scoot-crawling as fast as her little leg will propel her to greet Daddy after work

VIDEO: Ellie's One-Legged Scoot Crawl (December 2012)

When E.J. started crawling, he was a pretty avid army crawler. As the months wore on (because unlike his sister, who started crawling at eight months old, he started purposefully moving forward between five and six months, and his mother wept), he dabbled a little in the traditional all-fours technique.

However, in the last month or so, he seems to have found his preferred method: the one-legged scoot crawl!

Well, this looks familiar!

VIDEO: E.J.'s One-Legged Scoot Crawl

So, it seems E.J. is following in his big sister's footsteps! Oh, sure, there are some slight differences in form. Ellie tended to keep both hands on the ground and I'd say it was more of a crawl with her, whereas E.J. tends to only have one hand down (usually because he has some toy, DVD box or other random item clutched in the other) and it's a little more of a scoot. But the overall concept is the same!

VIDEO: My scoot crawlers side-by-side. Like sister, like brother!

It just struck me as so odd that both my children would adopt this somewhat uncommon crawling technique. Don't you think that's strange? It's almost strange enough to make me want to have a third child, just to see if he/she crawls the same way.

Oh, great. Now I have to have more babies. IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE.

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Anonymous said...

My son has the same style. It is very funny, I love it :)