Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mr. Chomp

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tooth! E.J.'s first tooth officially popped through his gums a little over a week ago, at 9.5 months old. Ellie was eight months old when she got her first teeth (she did two at once, at the same time she started crawling, on literally the very day that we FLEW ON A PLANE TO MOVE TO FLORIDA, because she likes to really keep things interesting) so E.J. was a bit slower on the uptake here, but that's quite alright with me. Ever since I noticed the tell-tale little sore on his gum I have been mourning the impending loss of his precious, gummy, trademark E.J. grin.

Sadly, you won't find said grin in this post, because not only is that pesky tooth making his adorable gumminess a thing of the past, but the only way I could grab a good picture of it thus far is to snap it while he's crying. So I give you a very sad baby who is actually much less offended by this tooth than it seems.

His mother, on the other hand, will just be over here crying about how fast he's growing up. Don't mind me.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable even when crying!

Love, Aunt Rachel