Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Girl Bath

On Saturday, Ellie had her first Big Girl Bath - her first bath with the infant insert of her fancy whale tub removed. Now that she can sit up unassisted so well, we decided it's time to bathe upright. Laying down is for babies!

Ellie has always loved bath time, but it is so much fun to watch her now and recognize how different she is from the days of her first bath. Back then we knew she liked it because she was quiet and calm, just sitting there passively while the bath happened to her. Now, she's a very active participant. She kicks and splashes, plays with her rubber ducky, wants to grab the wash cloth. She gasps when the water runs over her face (but seems to enjoy it) and reaches out to touch the water pouring in front of her.

Big girl taking a bath!

Rubber ducky, you're the one!


Such concentration!

Bathing beauty

As much as I do love thinking back to the days when she was a tiny little thing, experiencing everything for the first time, it is really fun to watch her now, as she is growing and becoming more and more able to actively engage in the world around her. The extra splashing may make bath time a little more challenging, but it sure is fun!

Ellie's first bath on the left, and this weekend's Big Girl Bath on the right. Oh, the difference of six months!

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Lauren said...

Too cute love the little ducky :-)