Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adventures in Solid Food

Just a few days after Ellie turned six months old, we began feeding her some solid food. I have been enjoying this process very much and am always looking forward to trying the next new food to see how she likes it!

My super cute, super happy, real-food-eating girl!

We started off with oatmeal for her first taste. It was quite a momentous occasion, and many photographs were snapped and much video was recorded. You could tell we were first-timers because I let her have her hands out above the tray of her high chair, which meant I spent the whole time I was feeding her trying to keep her hands out of the spoon. She was very interested in the whole thing!

Let's do this thing.

Ready to give Ellie her first cereal!

First bite!

Here, Mom, let me do it.

Her first impression was sort of, "what is this stuff?" but the girl was all about it in no time and gobbled up all those oats. She loves to eat!

Wait, what is this in my mouth and how did it get there?

Okay, we're on board with this oatmeal thing.

When she finished eating, we let her play with the spoon at long last, which naturally made things a bit messier. But hey, that's part of the fun, right?

It's possible there was still some oatmeal on the spoon when we gave it to her. It's also possible it did not end up in her mouth.

If you're interested (read: if you're related to us, and even that might be a stretch), here's a little video of Ellie's first taste of real food:

VIDEO: Ellie's first taste of oatmeal! (Don't mind the paparrazi snapping photos in the background)

Since then, we've been experimenting with more variety. Next up was sweet potatoes, followed by avocado, then green beans, then butternut squash. Peas are up next on the menu, and then we'll try some fruits like bananas, apples and pears. So far she has liked everything except the avocado:

What the...?

Dad, are you aware of what Mom is trying to feed me over here?

VIDEO: Ellie trying avocado

I love trying new foods with her because every time she gets her first taste of something new, she gets this sour look on her face.

First reactions to (clockwise from top left): sweet potato, avocado, butternut squash and green beans!

It doesn't mean she hates it, though. I assume she's just surprised by the taste, because, as I mentioned, everything except the avocado has ultimately been a smashing success.

Mmmm, green beans are quite delicious!

Rockin' a squash soul patch

This has really been such a fun adventure with Ellie so far, and I have been so impressed with how readily she enjoys new foods. Even that awful avocado - she may not have liked it, but she kept taking bites for some time before ultimately deciding that no, this is not the food for her. I sure do hope she always has such an eagerness to try new things!

What a solid-food-eating cutie.

Way to go, Ellie! You're getting to be such a big girl!


Lauren said...

Too cute love all her funny faces :-)

Molly said...

Cuuuuuuute!! I love how she loves the airplane :)

Meghan said...

Her facial expressions are just priceless! What a sweetie!