Friday, October 19, 2012


I am very excited to share that on Monday, September 10th, the W. family gained its newest member! Eric's brother Ronnie and his wife Stephanie are the proud new parents of sweet Charlie, and we are so thrilled to welcome him into our family.

Charlie was born nearly 10 weeks early and weighed three pounds at birth. From the look and sound of things, he has been well-cared for in the NICU since his birthday and was finally able to go home with his parents this week. We're so happy that he has done so well!

Eric and I are so proud to be Uncle and Aunt to little Charlie, and we're so excited for Ellie to have him as her cousin. I see lots of UF/FSU rivalry talk in their future! We just love Charlie to bits already and can hardly wait to meet him.

Congratulations, Ronnie and Stephanie, and Happy Birthday/Homecoming, dear Charlie!

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