Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grammy's Visit

As I mentioned yesterday, my mom came to visit for a long weekend, thus continuing her streak of seeing Ellie every month since May (sadly, that streak ends now, but let's not remind her of that, okay?).

My mom arrived on Thursday, September 20 and Eric picked her up from Port Authority after she took the bus in from the airport. Ellie and I hung out at home, napped (well, she did) and waited for them to arrive.

Wine and Dove dark chocolate - looks like Ellie is ready for Grammy's visit!

Killing time, waiting for Grammy

Is Grammy EVER going to get here?!?!

She's here!

I think my mom was relatively happy to be reunited with Ellie, though I can't say for sure. KIDDING! She was ecstatic. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Ellie, reading to her, and basically just doting on her.

Reading together!

Oh, and the boys took a little nap.

We had pulled pork for dinner, and when Ellie went to bed we drank some wine and watched some Glee. Good day!

Friday was our Statue of Liberty day, which has already been recounted in great detail. After we returned from the Statue of Liberty, we all rested a bit before leaving Ellie in her Grammy's care while Eric and I went out for a date night, a very rare luxury indeed! We went to the movies in the city and then had dinner at a Mexican place we've been wanting to try here in Hoboken. It was so nice to be out on the town with my husband once again. Of course, I thought about Ellie the whole time, but Eric and I had a great night out. Thanks for the treat, Mom!

Eric was gone all day on Saturday, so my mom and I spent a fairly uneventful day with Ellie. She was a bit of a grump but we passed the time with a shoe fashion show, a couple of naps and a walk around town. We went over to Church Square Park then did some consignment/boutique shopping before heading over to the waterfront. We wanted to sit outside for a bit but the grass was wet and it was very windy so we didn't last long.

Reading with Grammy

Left: Modeling her Gator boots
Right: Bouncing on Grammy's knee

Enjoying a windy day in the park

We had planned to go to the Guggenheim for a bit on Saturday evening, but given Ellie's less-than-stellar mood and the rainy weather forecast, we nixed that idea. We ordered in pizza for dinner and gave Ellie a bath before getting into more wine and a movie.

Eric went golfing on Sunday, so my mom and I made that our shopping day! We hit the mall and did some baby spoiling. Ellie is now the proud owner of some new fall clothes.

Ready to shop!

Ellie and Grammy by the river

Ellie's haul!

When we got back from shopping we were able to Skype with my cousin Molly, her sweet baby Santiago, and my Aunt Debbie (who was visiting Molly at the time). We had fun chatting and watching our babies "play together" over Skype!

Santiago and Ellie both playing with their O-Balls

And, my mom may have spent some time playing with, hugging, kissing and squeezing Ellie.

Ellie and her Grammy

Monday was another pretty quiet day, although it was another grouchy day for Miss Ellie. We played with her and tried to keep her settled as much as possible. When we needed a change of scenery we made a quick trip to Target, then it was back home for more of the same. She just wasn't napping well and was not happy about it.

Reading another book with Grammy

Play time!

Achilles will dry your tears, baby!

My poor sad girl

She did stay in good spirits long enough after our return from Target for us to do a little photoshoot of her cute self all dressed in her fall attire.

My mom cooked dinner for us on Monday night, and once again we enjoyed wine and a movie after the little one was in bed.

Tuesday was the day my mom had to leave, so she spent the morning soaking up every last second of Ellie.

We had to leave around 10:00 that morning to take my mom to Port Authority, where we said our good-byes and saw her off on the airport bus. So sad to see her go!

Last moments together - until next time!

Bye, Grammy! Thanks for coming!

It was great having you here, Mom! We all enjoyed it! We love you!


Lauren said...

How fun, love how she is pretty much the same height as the wine bottle lol :-)

Molly said...

Oops! I would have cleaned the couch up a bit had I known it would make an appearance on your blog :p Love all those faces of Ellie, such a cutie!!