Friday, December 12, 2014

St. Augustine Christmas Parade

When we finished the Gingerbread Man Dash I posted about yesterday, we weren't through having holiday fun in St. Augustine. The town was holding its Christmas Parade that same morning, so we left the race and went downtown to scope out a spot to watch.

We drove around a bit trying to find parking, but eventually found a spot and made our way to the parade route. The parade was to begin at 10:00 and we got to our spot (right on the curb!) around 10:20, which was perfect timing. We had just enough time to get settled and snap a couple of pictures before the parade reached us.

Ready for the parade!

Parade time!

The parade was great fun. It was quite an eclectic assortment of participants, from pirates to princesses to bunnies to tigers, accompanied by nativity scenes, marching bands, local businesses, decked out cars, dressed-up dogs and even Storm Troopers in kilts. Something for everyone!

One of several nativity scenes we saw


Marching choir

Tiny horse

One of many pirates!



Rudolphadillo, naturally

Balloon snowman

One of the marching bands

Storm Troopers!

Nothing says Christmas quite like Darth Vader in a kilt and a Santa hat

The Grinch

Decked out cars

The kids, of course, were as cute as buttons, and seemed to really enjoy themselves. E.J. happily bounced up and down for...well, everything, because E.J. loves everything. Ellie took a little longer to warm up to the whole thing but hey, toss a couple of lollipops her way and she's yours. We had a great time!

Ellie at the beginning of the parade...

...and Ellie with a lollipop.

E.J. trying to taste his first candy cane

Sometimes things got a little too loud.

Pretty Ellie watching the parade

Trademark E.J. joy!

This faaaaaaaace. It's too much.

We didn't stay until the end of the parade, so I'm not sure how long it really went on, but we caught about an hour's worth of marching fun before calling it quits in favor of beating traffic to get home for lunch and naptime. We needed to rest and recharge, because the day's holiday fun wasn't over yet!

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Becky said...

Meghan, some of the most gorgeous pictures of you with EJ and Ellie. Such beautiful children (that includes you, Mama)!