Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cuties

A couple of weeks ago, Eric and I decided to dress the kiddos in their Christmas pajamas and have a little photoshoot in our living room in the hopes of snapping a picture suitable for our Christmas card. In fact, we ended up with a really adorable series of holiday photos of our two cuties!

Writing their letter to Santa

Check out this big guy, sitting up all by himself! He's wobbly, but he's doing it!

Little brother problems.

Oops! Outtake! That "sitting up alone" thing is still a bit shaky. Good thing Big Sister was there to catch him!

Drooly but cute face!

Waiting for Santa

Santa? Are you up there?

They're too much.

So which photo made the final cut for the Christmas card? This one!:

Look at those sweet faces!

And the card itself:

Card front

And the back! Stay tuned for more talk about those Santa pictures, too!

Those two are really making this holiday magical for us!

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