Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Holiday Home

Yesterday I shared E.J.'s stocking with you, so today I thought I would show you a little more of our holiday decor. The decorations themselves haven't changed much from the many other "holiday home" posts I've done, but we're decorating yet another home for the first time this year (and our first house!), so I wanted to share.

I suppose it makes sense to start on the outside and make our way in, don't you think? We've never put Christmas lights on a house before! I just put some greenery swags with lights in the windows of our porch and our big wreath on the front of the house. It's nothing fancy or elaborate, but I like how it looks.

Welcome to our Christmas house!

We also have our usual wreath on the front door.

Our red door is so festive!

Let's go inside!


Let's look at the dining room first and then backtrack to the living room. The entrance to the dining room is adorned with a mistletoe ball, a fun Advent calendar my cousin made for me last year and Christmas cards we've received. (There is also a snowman wall hanging on the left side of the doorway and an Advent calendar on the right, but those didn't make it in the photo!)

We've collected more cards since this photo was taken!

In the dining room, we have a festive tablecloth and our Advent wreath, along with some holiday wall art and a big singing snowglobe on the floor that my mom brought for the kids. We also have our old stocking hanger and stockings along the wall into the kitchen.

The dining room

Advent wreath, with my angel candle snuffer

We bought that stocking hanger when we lived in NYC, so we didn't have to tape our stockings to the heater anymore. I still love it, even though we have a real mantle now!

Even Ellie's little table nook is decked out with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, her holiday artwork, some Christmas books and her Little People Nativity on the bookshelf.

Ellie Christmas decor!

Both kids also have stockings hanging on their doors.

Cute little stockings

Now let's go into the living room - my favorite, homey space!

The living room!

Of course, there is our dear little tree, standing strong despite being totally overloaded with ornaments.

Another year for this tree!

I especially love how the tree looks standing by our fireplace. The mantle is decked out in greenery and is adorned with almost my complete nativity collection (minus one that wouldn't fit and is breakable, thus is still packed away from toddler hands this year).

I mean, how cozy is this?!

My Willow Tree nativity is the centerpiece on the mantle

To the left is my Three Wisemen nativity from NYC, our little nativity from Pinehurst, NC, and a smaller one from Mexico

The nativities to the right: a teeeeeeeny tiny one from Christ Church in Philadelphia, a little one from Tanner's Orchard in Illinois, and a beautiful one my dad gave me.

And of course, all of our family stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Achilles is in the center, and Ellie and E.J. are on the right

Eric's Santa stocking, and my felt ornaments (someday I plan to cross-stitch stockings for both of us, too!)

I just love our little Christmas house. It's cozy and homey and warm and inviting. I'm going to be sad to see the decorations go in a few weeks, but for now I'll continue to enjoy our tree with a glass of wine by the fire!

Perfect! Merry Christmas!

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Love your tree so much and that stocking holder!!!