Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Suns Game of the Year!

A couple of weeks ago we attended our first Jacksonville Suns game of the year. Last year we really enjoyed going to games, and the Suns ended their season as Southern League Champions! So we were excited to go to more games this year, especially now that E.J. is a little older (although older also means "wigglier").

We arrived after the game had already begun. Eric went ahead to the ticket window to get our tickets, while I called Ellie over to the gate and pointed out the Suns mascot, Southpaw, inside. Southpaw saw us watching him and came out for a little personal meet-and-greet (in a light rain, no less)!

Ellie and Southpaw

When we got inside, we hit the souvenir shop and then did some walking around, enjoying the atmosphere.

In anticipation of many Suns games in our future this summer, I took apart a Suns drawstring bag we got in a giveaway at a game last year and made it into a slipcover for one of my baby carriers! Now E.J. looks Suns-spirited even when he's being carried!

Eric and Ellie at the game. Ellie was so excited to see baseball!

This guy again! E.J. and Southpaw are jersey twinsies!

When we were ready to sit for a bit, we hit the concession stand for some healthy snacks for the kids (okay, fine, it was popcorn and french fries) and found a seat along the first base line. We enjoyed our treats and then the kids had fun with the helmet that previously held our popcorn.

Ellie looks pretty official.

E.J. wants a turn!

Backwards hats friends

E.J. commandeered Ellie's Suns cap!

We stayed until the end of the game (thanks to arriving late in the first place) then made our way out.

E.J. and Eric after the game

Headed home!

It was a great first game (for us) of the season! Here's to many more to come!

Go Suns!

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