Monday, May 11, 2015

April Catch-Up

Today's post will officially wrap up all my April recaps, and then I can spend the rest of this week getting up to speed on May. And then I will FINALLY be back to current post-wise! Phew. That has been a long time coming. I reckon that means that I will soon have more work or some other unexpected event that will keep me from posting forever and throw me off track again, but hey, I say bring it on!

In addition to all the April fun I've already told you about, we really had some good times last month. Let's take a look:

It wouldn't seem like a fun time, but it was: both kids had pediatrician appointments. Ellie was due for her three-year well visit, and E.J. for his nine-month well visit/weight check. Ellie had a BLAST, and was there in all her Doc McStuffins glory, impressing the doctor and nurses with her medical knowledge at every turn. (At one point, I think she actually told the doctor she needed to check her eyes and ears with her otoscope.) Ellie is growing well (roughly the 90th percentile for both height and weight) and received a clean bill of health (and no shots, to her disappointment). As for little E.J., he held strong at the third percentile for both height and weight, which means he's still itty bitty but no more itty bitty than he was at his previous visit, and that's a good thing. He received one shot and we were instructed to keep feeding the kid and bring him back for another weight check in six weeks. So all good news!

Ellie helping the doctor check E.J.'s heartbeat

Let's talk a little more about E.J. in the month of April.

He wore adorable shoes:

Baby shoes: so pointless but so irresistible.

He perfected his "duck face" to express disapproval with whatever food I was forcing upon him at the moment:

"Not feeling this sweet potato, Mom."

He was finally allowed to roam and play at the "Nemo park" with his big sister:

He's pumped!

He had a rare opportunity to play in Ellie's room one day while she was out with Daddy, and he took full advantage:

He really seized that opportunity!

He started climbing and walking (assisted), both of which keep me on my toes and warrant a fuller post of their own soon to come:

Just hanging out in his toy box, because why not?

Walkin' and cheesin'

Grammy brought him a souvenir gondolier outfit from her recent trip to Las Vegas, and he was delighted:

He's practicing his serenade!

And he learned to love his new favorite thing: pushing a toy (preferably a toy car) all around the house. All day. Everywhere. Over and over. Constantly.

Vroom, vroom.

As for Ellie, she spent some time living life as a tiger:

Totes normal.

She made excellent progress with potty training, earning herself a new sparkly Elsa dress and giant Stuffy in the process:

She said, and I quote: "This is my Elsa dress. I look great in it. I make magical."

So excited to finally have her big Stuffy, which was promised to her when she earned all the stickers on her chart!

She rocked her first (poorly done) French braids:

Stop making her look like such a KID already. Geez.

She perfected her "shark face":


We used some of her birthday money to get her a new carrier of her own, which she loves:

She loves to "ride on somebody's back"

She was thrilled to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog at storytime:


And she spent some time being so pretty and grown up at Treaty Oak:

My lovely girl

As usual, the kids also had some great times together. We started using the double car cart at the grocery store, so they can both ride together, which they love (or at least, Ellie loves it, and E.J. spends a lot of time trying not to be smothered by an adoring big sister's relentless hugs):

Little drivers!

They had some (play food) picnics on their new outdoor furniture on our porch:

So cute.

Ellie showed E.J. how everything works in her Cozy Coupe:

She is such a great big sister!

And they had some fun at the playground together:


As for family events, my mom came to visit:

Fun at the museum with Grammy!

The kids and I had a fun morning at the Museum of Science and History, including the first planetarium show that Ellie actually watched and enjoyed (instead of freaking out and insisting we leave):

Fun day together!

We finally tried local favorite burger joint M Shack:

We walked out to San Marco Square for a snack!

And, we did LOTS of walking by the river. We have really been enjoying the new riverfront walkway, and even if we don't walk out that far, we really like walking at least to Friendship Fountain, where Ellie loves to run around (especially if there are puddles!):

Running around at the fountain

E.J. and Eric out for a walk

Rapunzel taking in the scenery

Ellie asked to go up in my wrap!


My little backpack

And that was our April! Now: to May!

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