Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Landing

With all the anniversary/first day of school hullabaloo out of the way, let's talk a little more about our early days in Jacksonville.

About a week after we moved in, my mom and stepdad came back up to help us with some other home improvement-type things, primarily baby-proofing, and some hanging of pictures. They only stayed one night, and we were most appreciative of their help. For dinner on their one night in town, we decided to head downtown to The Landing to show off a bit of Jacksonville before they returned home (and hey, I wanted to see it for the first time, too!).

It was a gorgeous night, and when we first got downtown we spent a little bit of time walking along the river.

Top: The Main Street Bridge, and fun with statues!
Bottom: Hanging out along the waterfront, and another shot of the sun starting to set behind the bridge

Then, we made our way to The Landing and did a little wandering/photo-taking before selecting a restaurant for dinner.

The Landing, and a few of its photographers!

We ended up having dinner at the American Grill, on the upper level of The Landing. The views were great and the food was tasty! And, it was an unexpected treat from my mom and Gary, in honor of our anniversary. Thanks, guys!

The view from our dinner table

After dinner, Ellie stopped for an impromptu dance party to the music at ground level, then we did a little more walking along the river.

Top: Dancing to the music!
Bottom: Helping Grammy with the stroller, and out for a jog with Daddy 

Oh hey, another shot of the bridge.

It was such a lovely evening: beautiful weather, a fun new city to explore, good people, yummy food. I look forward to much more exploration of downtown Jacksonville, but this was a great way to get our feet wet!

Happy family after dinner!

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Lauren said...

Looks like Jacksonville is wonderful! Love the views :-)