Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jacksonville Splash Park Tour

As you know, we moved to Jacksonville on Wednesday, July 31st, and we had through the weekend together before Eric had to return to work for pre-planning and more Teach for America prep stuff. So, we decided to move unpacking down on priority list so we could enjoy our first few days in our new town together. And what got bumped up to the top of the priority list then, you ask?

Splash parks. Duh.

Ellie is a lover of a splash park, and we made good use of them this summer (recaps of more splash park fun are still to come, in fact!). So, I really wanted to find a good one here, too. We did a little Googling and then set off in search of some splashing on our first Jacksonville Saturday.

Our first stop was Hanna Park, which is about 30 minutes away from us. It costs a few dollars to get in, but it's a nice big park with bike trails, camping grounds, playgrounds, pavilions and grills, beach access and, of course, a splash park. We got there right when it opened and Ellie was pumped.


Playing with the smallest fountain in the place

That's more like it!

Happy to have her daddy at the splash park with us!

Left: Spraying Daddy right in the face!  Right: All splashed out.

When we had our fill of Splash Park #1, we went off in search of Splash Park #2, just to give ourselves some options. We liked Hanna Park, but it's just a bit far to drive regularly and, as mentioned, there is a cost to get in. It was nice, but probably not just right. So, onward. What else is out there?

The second park we went to that day was South Beach Park, which is a little closer to us. However, the splash park portion of this park was pretty disappointing. It was just a big lighthouse spraying water from the top, and we didn't deem it worth the trouble of putting Ellie back into a swim diaper. However, this park did have a fabulous wooden playground, included a separate play area for toddlers. So, we spent a little time there.

Swings! And check out those long, lustrous locks blowing in the breeze!

Climbing through the toddler area

We called it a day after all that play time. Ellie was ready for a nap and Eric had plans to meet with the head football coach at his school that afternoon (the meeting at which he was offered the quarterback coach position!). So, home we went, and although both parks were a lot of fun, the search for the perfect splash park continues. But, it was quite a fun first family outing in Jacksonville!


Lauren said...

Splash parks used to be so fun as a kid (who am I kidding even now ha) :-)

Jose Clark said...

Trip to Jacksonville is my one of the best trip in my life. All the places are very good.