Friday, August 16, 2013

A Night at the Ballpark

In addition to our day of splash parks described yesterday, another fun thing we did to kick off our time in Jacksonville was attend a Jacksonville Suns game at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville on Sunday, August 4th.

Eric had already been to this stadium earlier in the summer, for the Southern League All-Star game. So, he knew right where we were headed. We easily found parking and went to get our tickets, then did a little walking around before heading in.

Ellie and Eric, off to the game

Inside the ballpark

We hit the gift shop right away, resulting in a new baseball cap for Ellie.

Dragging her purchase behind her

Cutest baseball fan I've ever seen!

This game was a perfect one to bring Ellie to, because it was a "Dog Days of Summer game" - meaning baseball fans were able to bring their dogs to the game. (Unfortunately, we had Achilles sit this one out, but next time, he's so there.) They also kicked things off with a doggy parade around the field, which Ellie loved.

Mascot Southpaw leading the parade

Ellie speaking to the dogs in their native tongue (Get it?? Tongue??? Because she's sticking her tongue out and panting like a dog? Hardy-har-har.)

After the pooch parade we did a little more wandering around as we waited for the game to start.

Photo op fun

Suns are Number One!

Family night at the ballpark

Once the game got underway, we grabbed some food and made our way out to find a picnic spot. We had general admission seats, which meant we could set up camp in the grassy areas in the outfield. We spread out a blanket and had ourselves a little picnic dinner along the third baseline.

Ellie and Eric picnicking

Watching the game

What a delightful evening!

After we ate, Ellie did a good bit of wandering around (another plus for general admission seating: not having to try to convince a wiggly toddler to kick it on your lap for a few innings). Much to her delight, all the dogs in attendance were also relegated to general admission seating, so she didn't stop pointing the whole night. She even befriended a woman on the blanket nearest us and her rather large dog. By the end of the evening, Ellie and her new friend were taking selfies on her cell phone and Ellie was trying to walk her dog. Needless to say, we're still working on the concept of "stranger danger."

Ellie at the game, looking as cute as can be in a denim jumper, baseball cap and pink boat shoes.

Ellie and her new friends

We only stayed a few innings, but we were able to see lots of action and the Suns ultimately won the game 10-4. As per usual, however, we had to leave a bit early to get Ellie home to bed. Eric was bummed that even though we spent several innings sitting right along the field, we weren't lucky enough to catch a foul ball. Next time, I assured him.

However, on our way out, someone hit a foul ball right out of the park, quite near where we were walking! We managed to snag it, making all of Eric's dreams came true!

Ellie checking out our new baseball

All in all, it was a great evening at the ballpark. Given our heavily documented love of baseball, this was a perfect way to kick off our time in Jacksonville!

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How fun and I'm loving E's little denim romper awww