Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Weekend and Eric's First Day

Before I resume with more outdated recaps, I wanted to just sum up our weekend and also update you on Eric's first day. Then we'll return to the task of making up for my blogging procrastination!

As you know, Eric and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. Despite not really having any big celebration planned, we managed to sort-of celebrate in five different ways over the course of the weekend, including multiple meaningful dinners, cards, and of course, champagne. Low-key? Yes, but a good time was had by all.

As I mentioned, my mom came up on Saturday to help out with Ellie for our busy/anniversary weekend. As soon as Ellie went down for her nap on Saturday, we left my mom in charge and Eric and I hit the town to run errands. We set off to stock up on all the school supplies we could possibly think he may need, as well as other errands. We also test drove a car, because we're looking into getting a (new) second car. (Related: anybody have tips/advice/recommendations for the car-buying process? We've been out of the car loop for quite some time, and have never bought new before, so words of wisdom are much appreciated!)

Basically, we spent all day running around like crazy people, but we were able to do so together sans baby, which made it a lot easier and almost date-like. It's all about finding romance in the everyday stuff, right?

After our errands we returned home to hang out with Ellie for a bit before putting her to bed, then we got ourselves ready and left once again, but this time for more of an actual date. We went to Nippers, a casual little seafood restaurant near the beach. We enjoyed a conch fritter appetizer, followed by jerk chicken macaroni and cheese and crab-stuffed grouper for dinner. It was great to be out and the food was delicious!

Anniversary dinner!

When we got back home we popped some champagne and went to work making posters and other decorative elements for Eric's classroom. We are wild and crazy people.

On Sunday (our actual anniversary), we spent the morning at Eric's school, trying to get his room as ready as possible. I'll save pictures of his full room for a later post, when the whole thing is more complete, but we did get a lot done and I was glad to be able to help. My mom kept an eye on Ellie while we worked, and then she left for home straight from there.

Top: Eric and Ellie at his desk, and me hard at work on the bulletin boards
Bottom: Ellie and my mom in the classroom, and Ellie out for a stroll in front of the school

We grabbed lunch on the way home, then relaxed while Ellie napped. After her nap we went back out on the town for more errands. When we got home, it was off to bed for the little one, then dinnertime for us. Eric cooked peas and macaroni, a staple of his childhood that he made for me during my recovery after Ellie's birth. I have told him that sitting on the couch with him and Ellie, eating peas and macaroni, in our first days at home is one of my favorite memories of our early family, so it was a bit romantic. We spent the rest of the night doing more that needed to be done before school starting, then relaxed with some wine and TV before heading off to bed.

As for Eric's first day of school yesterday, from the sound of things, it went very well! He was a little surprised at how quiet his first period class was, but hey, they're teenagers at 7:15 in the morning on the first day of school. I'd be sleeping, too. His later classes livened up a bit, reminding Eric that he will need to be diligent with time management to keep his students on task. His favorite class of the day was his last period Geometry Honors class, comprised of freshman who seemed so young, shy and unassuming. From what all he told me, it sounds like so far this year is shaping up to bring some challenges but also be a lot of fun, which is perfect - just what we were hoping for!

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