Monday, August 19, 2013

The First Day

It's funny, I last wrote a post like this almost exactly five years ago, when Eric went off to his first day of work at his old law firm. How have five years passed since that day?

Somehow, they have, and a lot has changed. There are some similarities, sure: as we have now, at that time we had just moved to a new city; we didn't really know what to expect with this new career path; and I was absolutely certain that Eric would be good at what he was doing and couldn't wait to hear how it went.

So here we are again, five years later, this time on the verge of a fresh start as Eric heads off to his first day as a high school math teacher. We spent quite a while yesterday preparing his room (with still more to be done!), and he has, of course, been training and preparing for this day all summer. Even before that, this day has been years in the making.

I'm so proud of Eric and what he is doing, I can hardly stand it. I love his passion and desire to help others, his longing to make a difference in the world, his quest for complete happiness and fulfillment and most of all, the example he is setting for Ellie: that you should be brave, follow your heart and do what you're passionate about in life. Don't just settle for a paycheck, because there's an awful lot more to life than that.

But, between yesterday's post and today's, I have certainly waxed poetic about Eric quite enough. So I will just leave it at this: Good luck, Eric. I know you can do this, and you're going to rock it, just like you always do with anything you put your mind to. You are awesome and no matter what, rest assured that Ellie and I are behind you 100%, always. You are the best.

Good luck, Eric!


Becky said...

I completely agree with the sentiments in the second to last paragraph! Good luck, Eric. You'll be an incredible teacher.

Lauren said...

How fun, good luck Eric he will be awesome!