Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Mother's Day

What a wonderful weekend I just had! We didn't do anything glamorous or particularly thrilling, but I had such a perfect weekend with my two favorite people. My first Mother's Day weekend was definitely a success. I feel loved and happy, as all mothers should at the end of such a weekend!

We were very lucky to have absolutely perfect weather all weekend - high 70s/low 80s and sunny. GORGEOUS. On Saturday we really took advantage of the lovely day and spent the majority of the day out of the house. After spending a leisurely morning at home, we walked out to the mall and Target to run some errands. We also stopped by the kids' consignment boutique in Hoboken, then spent some time walking, sitting and relaxing along the river.

Left: Eric and Ellie on Saturday morning. Melts my heart.  Right: With my daughter along the waterfront

My favorite thing to see - Ellie smiles!

On Mother's Day, Ellie treated me to a very nice gift right away - she slept seven consecutive hours overnight! Just what I wanted, baby! So thoughtful! And then, when she did wake up, it was with this face:

If that's not a great way to start your day, I don't know what is.

Then, Eric gave me Ellie's official gift, a set of pictures of New York landmarks that spell out "Mommy!" We'll frame them in a more permanent manner later, but they were presented to me as a collage that said "Happy First Mother's Day to the best Mommy in NYC!" I love it, and both Ellie and I are grateful to Eric for taking all the pictures and helping her put it together!

My "Mommy" collage from Ellie!
(If you're curious, the pictures from L to R are: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Atlas statue at Rockefeller Center, Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, the M&M store in Times Square, and a tree by the Gapstow Bridge at the Pond in Central Park)

After opening my gift, Ellie got dressed up for a quick Skype session with her Grammy, then Eric made delicious french toast for breakfast.

Looking like a little blue ballerina!

After breakfast, we hit the town again. We went back out to Target to pick up a few things we forgot to get on Saturday, then came back home to make lunch and pick up the dog. Then we took our lunch (and the dog) out to Pier A Park for a little picnic.

In honor of Mother's Day (I'm sure), the goslings were out at Newport Green! Awwwww.

Eric and Ellie enjoying our picnic in Pier A Park

Pretty in purple

At one point, as I was eating my picnic lunch, I reached down to get some more fruit salad, but instead came across this pretty little blue box:

Hello there, little blue box with the pretty white bow.

Inside was my Mother's Day gift from Eric: a very pretty little aquamarine (Ellie's birthstone) necklace that I have had my eye on. Of course, I put it on right away. I love it, and I love my family. What a wonderful afternoon out with my husband and my kids!

I love my babies, both human and dog!

I am one lucky lady!


Lauren said...

Sounds like a perfect first Mother's day. How sweet of Eric to make that special print for you and the Tiffany's necklace awwww! Ellie is so precious love her smiles too :-)

Jessica Renee said...

Oh my..Seven hours of sleep?? So totally jealous of that one! haha.. Maybe it's worth it for her to skip a nap or two for that? ;) I'm so happy you had such a great first Mother's Day!!

Meghan said...

Aww! Happy First Mother's Day! Ellie's dress is adorable and I LOVE THOSE PICS! What a thoughtful idea!