Friday, July 31, 2015

Three Generations of One Face

Eric and I spent a good bit of time going through some of his old family photos this summer, mostly looking for nice pictures of Toni and Gramz for their respective memorial services. I really loved seeing some of these old pictures! Naturally, I particularly loved the ones of this little cutie:

Yes, that's my husband as a wee little lad! Adorable, right?

But what was really shocking to me was how much baby Eric looked like baby E.J. Yes, yes, I know. People have been saying from Day #1 that E.J. is his father's clone, and I have always been inclined to agree. But when I saw actual baby pictures of Eric, when he was about as old as E.J. is now, it was like looking at pictures of E.J. from 1983.

For the record, here is my E.J.:

Don't you just want to squeeze him?

And here are some pictures I found of his father:

Gramz and E.J. Eric at the pool

Looking so cherubic in his stroller

Aaaaaaaand here's what our wee little E.J. would look like if he packed on a few pounds. (That's Eric on the right, and his brother Ronnie on the left)

Spitting image, no?

For the sake of comparison: Eric on the left, E.J. on the right

But it goes back even farther than that. I came across this picture of Gramz with her two babies, Toni and Eric's Uncle Steve. WOULD YOU LOOK AT BABY E.J. SITTING ON GRAMZ'S LAP:


I mean, it's ridiculous, right? Look at this:

I feel like these could be three pictures of the same kid, just with different Instagram filters.

Three generations of the same face! I mean, it sure is a cute little baby face so I guess if it ain't broke, am I right?

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