Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dinosaur Train at MOSH

Our first Friday night back in Jacksonville after our most recent St. Pete trip was a fun one. As members of the Museum of Science and History (MOSH), we were able to enjoy a pizza party with Buddy from Dinosaur Train! Ellie has been hooked on Dinosaur Train for a while now so we knew she would be psyched for this event, and we've been looking forward to taking her for months now!

Dinosaur Train at MOSH!

We got there shortly after 5:30 and went straight back to the science theater to meet the little T-Rex himself. Ellie approached him like a long lost friend, running slow-motion into his outstretched arms.

There's Buddy!

Best Buds.

She was so excited!

E.J. got to meet him too, of course!

After meeting Buddy, we went upstairs to the planetarium to watch an episode of Dinosaur Train on the big screen.

Ready for the show!

Of course, E.J. opted to roar like a dinosaur (and yell like a disgruntled child), so he and I stepped out and explored the exhibits on the second floor while Eric and Ellie finished watching the show.

Checking out the dinosaur exhibit

I snapped this one because it will be adorable to look back on when he is an actual astronaut someday.

VIDEO: E.J.'s dinosaur roar! (There's a little delay in his response after I ask him what a dinosaur says, so be patient - it's adorable and worth it!)

When the show was over, we went back downstairs to play in the children's area for a bit.

E.J. practicing his climbing skills

Up at the top of the treehouse. He climbed up there himself.

Then we were ready for dinner. We went over to the first floor classrooms for our meal: pizza, chips and a cookie. I'm pretty confident that was Ellie's lifetime unhealthiest meal, but she loved it.

Pizza party!

The last big event of the evening was a science show in the science theater. While we waited for that to begin, Ellie and I went to check out the museum animal (or, as she says, the "pets").

Checking in with her turtle friends

Little alligator

The science show was neat, and Ellie was very brave through the whole thing, despite a couple of loud noises. I think I could even go so far as to say she enjoyed it!

The science show! In this part, he was showing us how a balloon reacts when put into a container of liquid nitrogen!

She has her trusty "ear mouse" on to protect her from any loud noises, so she's able to enjoy the show!

This was another really fun event at MOSH and we were so happy to be able to take advantage of it!

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