Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hey, Big Haircut!

The day before we left for our most recent St. Pete trip was a big day for E.J.: his first haircut!

His hair has been looking pretty shaggy for a while, but I wanted to wait until after his birthday to do anything about it. So, when his birthday passed and we had a family photoshoot on the calendar, we decided the time had come.

The "before" shots: looking pretty sloppy!

We took both kids out to the children's hair salon in Jacksonville on Wednesday morning. We had a little bit of a wait, but the kids had fun playing with the toys there to pass the time.

Fun at the train table

Cooking up some food

Ellie went first. She got to blow some bubbles as things got started, then got her hair cut and nails painted. The stylist cut her hair MUCH shorter than I wanted (I asked for something between her shoulders and chin, and ended up with it between her chin and ears), but it has grown on me and I think it does look nice.


Showing off her fancy nails

A little glitter for the finishing touch

Pretty girl!

Next, it was E.J.'s turn. He was very good and just looked so sweet sitting there in the little cape!

So cute.

The first cut! His face shows exactly how I felt.

What a sweetheart!

Flying a plane while his stylist does her thing

Laughing at Ellie's bubbles

Trimmer time!

And when it was done, oh man, did he ever look handsome! He really looked like a little BOY. So grown up!

What happened to my baby???

They gave us a little certificate along with a lock of his hair to keep forever, and we made it out of there with virtually no Mama tears and two good-looking kids.

What a milestone!

My little boy is growing up!

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Dad/Papa said...

I keep telling you I love Ellie's cut.