Friday, July 10, 2015

July Zoo Fun

I know, I know. We go to the zoo a lot. But I don't know if it's that there's something about the Jacksonville Zoo in particular, or just that this is the first time ever in our lives that we actually go to the zoo with any regularity, but every time we go, we seem to have different cool experiences. This month's visit was no different.

We started out on our usual loop: warthogs, rhinos, zebras, snakes, elephants. We posed for some pictures near the elephants.

It has been BEASTLY hot here lately. This elephant knows how to keep cool!

Ellie and Eric

With my best girl

As we continued on, we stopped at a passport stop, one of many set up around the zoo. You could get a stamp in your little passport, learn a thing or two and participate in an activity for $1. This activity was face-painting, and Ellie was happy to don a (melty) ladybug on her sweaty little cheek.

Having her face painted

My pretty girl!

Next it was on to the lions, who were rather playful, then both kids had their turns feeding the giraffes.

Our giraffe friend

E.J. LOVED it. I mean, he loves everything, but he seemed especially tickled.

Ellie's turn!

These two are best buds these days!

Then we stopped to play on the elephant statues...

Hanging on an elephant tail

...before stopping at our next passport stop, where Ellie painted a milk jug birdhouse.

Hard at work


From there we moved on to the jaguar exhibit, and that is where things got really cool: the jaguar was swimming! He was coming right up against the glass, thrashing about. He seemed to especially "like" Eric, apparently making eye contact with him and then swimming right for him, clawing and generally spazzing all over the place. It was really cool to watch! (You know, from the other side of the glass.)

He spotted Eric!

Coming right for us!

Swimming past us!

That's my hand and my phone, taking the below video...

VIDEO: Swimming jaguar

After the jaguars we continued on to brush the goats (at Ellie's request) then had a great time watching the penguins.

E.J. kicking back while Ellie brushed the goats

Ellie walking with a penguin!

E.J. sees them!

Watching the penguins swim by

On the way out we stopped for a photo of Ellie riding the little zebra carousel horse (again, at her request), and then we made it back to the car just as the rain started.

With zebras on her romper, she just HAD to ride on this zebra for a minute!

What a perfect morning at the zoo!

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