Monday, June 9, 2014

Kids Fest

On Saturday we took Ellie to the Orange Park Kids Fest for a morning o' fun.

Me with the kids at Kids Fest

Now, mind you, Ellie had a particularly fitful night of sleep on Friday night, including being awake from 5:00 a.m. till after 7:00 a.m. (fun for everyone!). So, throughout the morning her mood was oscillating between joyous and this:

Overtired. Hates everything.

But really, for the most part, we had a great time. The festival had live music and performances, character appearances, games and play stations, face painting, food, a touch-a-truck portion and tons of vendors.

As for us, we did a little bouncing...

Super fun!

This is what gravity/bouncing does to piggies and cheeks!

...said "hi" to Sponge Bob...

He's no Elmo, but she was still pretty pumped.

...checked out some bees at a local honey stand...

"Bees gonna getcha!" she said.

...rode a train...

Eric and Ellie, second cow from the front

...petted a snake...

Well, one of us did. The other two cowered and sucked our thumbs politely declined.

..."drove" a tractor...

I thought she was just being grumpy but she told me later that she "rode a big truck with Mama, was scared." Awww. Oopsie.

...played on a firetruck...

Firefighter Ellie!

...and blew off some steam at the playground.

These two are going to have so much fun together this summer!

Considering we were only at this festival for about an hour and fifteen minutes, I'd say we made good use of our time! It was a very fun morning! It's nice to be able to take advantage of fun offerings in Jacksonville like this one. Hopefully there will be more to come this summer!

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