Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pool Day

So now that we've wrapped up all the couples-only parts of our babymoon, I just wanted to share a few more pictures from our last day at Innisbrook. As you know, Ellie spent the weekend with my mom while we were babymooning, and on our last day my mom and Gary brought Ellie to us at Innisbrook. We all spent the day at the Loch Ness pool, which was great. We had planned to meet up for a beach day, but after I saw the children's area of the Loch Ness pool I knew that Ellie would love it, and it helped us avoid spring break beach crowds.

As it turned out, I was quite right - Ellie loved it. The Loch Ness pool has a little sand area to play in, as well as a zero-entry portion of the pool with a couple little fountains. Ellie was all about all of it it. She was so excited that when she arrived and immediately asked to go "'wimming," and I told her I needed to change her diaper first, she climbed right up onto a lounge chair and "assumed the position," as if to say, "Let's do this already, Mom." Girl was serious.

So, she spent the whole day going back and forth between playing in the sand and in the water. I'm not sure which she preferred, actually. We also took a time-out for lunch from the grill by the pool, but then it was right back to it. That kid does not hate Florida life, that's for sure.

Pretty pool girl!

Being silly in sunglasses with her Daddy

Cuddling with her Mama

Playing in the sand

Gary's lounge chair nap inspired Ellie to (pretend to) do the same. For a second, I thought maybe she would actually nap, too, but then I realized, LOL. That'll be the day. My kid does not nap in places like this. Hopefully Plus One is a bit more free with the public sleeping.

Pool curls

Rocking her Grandpa Gary's hat and shades

Oh, yeah. She's totally having a terrible time.

It's safe to say that her day at the pool effectively wore Ellie out: she passed right out in the car on the way home (snoring and everything), and when we stopped at Publix to say hi to Eric's grandmother, she was still so out of it that she didn't notice 1) the car stopping, 2) Eric getting out, 3) me getting out, or 4) me unbuckling her. It was only when I started to lift her out of her carseat that she woke up which, for my kid, is unheard of. She's hardly a car-sleeper to begin with, so for her to be that out of it, you know she must have had one awesome day!

Sleepy angel face

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