Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter Sunday 2014

I already told you about our egg-coloring adventures, and the rest of our Easter weekend was pretty quiet. On Good Friday we went to storytime as usual (except this time, Eric was able to join us!) and then went to church that evening. On Saturday, we had planned to go to an egg hunt at the zoo, but that got rained out, unfortunately. So, instead we did some baby-related errands and furniture-arranging.

But the big fun took place on Easter Sunday. When Ellie got up, we had breakfast and got dressed, then let her dig into her Easter basket. This year the Easter Bunny seemed to have gone a little crazy at the Target Dollar Spot, with a few extra things thrown in. Ellie's basket was stuffed with a Disney coloring book, an Easter board book, animal crackers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, an Abby Cadabby doll, a toy dinosaur, a princess crown, a wand ("like Abby!"), gloves, a tutu skirt, a bike horn and alligator play shoes. She loved it all!

Ellie's Easter goodies!

Digging in

Cuddling her new alligator shoes

Princess Ellie!

After Easter basket time, it was time for some pictures...

Ellie rocking her Easter bonnet and gloves

29-week belly picture!

...and then off to church in our Easter Sunday best.

Ready for church!

After the service

We debated what to do after church. Our plan was to head downtown for the Jacksonville Suns game, where they were having an Easter egg hunt on the field before the game. The weather was chilly and "misty" - not really raining, but not super pleasant - so we considered skipping it. Ultimately though, we opted for fun, and it was a good thing we did! The weather was a little cool but the rain held off and we had a great time.

Eggs on the field

The egg hunt was divided up by ages, and unfortunately, the 0-3-year-olds didn't get to hunt on the field in the name of safety. So, we had a mini-hunt on a little grassy area under the concourse. They put out just a few eggs at a time and let a couple of kids search at once, then they'd give the next batch of kids a turn, thus creating a pretty mellow hunting experience (especially compared to what I assume was a free-for-all with the older kids on the field). Ellie loved looking for the eggs and putting them in her basket, then taking them back out again and carrying them around. She's an egg hunt natural!

On the hunt

Found one!


Counting her loot

Loved it.

After the hunt we killed some time before the game by grabbing lunch and saying hello to Southpaw and the Easter Bunny.

Ellie, the Easter Bunny and Southpaw

Showing Southpaw her favorite egg

We had great seats for the game: second row along the first base line.

Go Suns!

Ready for some baseball (egg in hand, naturally)

Play ball!

Suns at bat

We stuck around for a few innings but then called it quits early. Ellie was getting tired, and I was cold and my back was aching (yay, third trimester!). So, we bid farewell to the baseball and headed out to the car.

Ellie and Eric on the way out

Happy little Easter girl!

And that was our Easter! We spent the rest of the night relaxing at home, with an early bedtime for sleepy Ellie. It was definitely different than Easters past: no extended family (although that was the norm when we lived in NYC/DC), no big fancy Easter dinner, and no Easter Bonnet Parade on Fifth Avenue (I'm still lamenting how INSANELY ADORABLE Ellie would be in that...if only!). But we had a lot of fun together as a family of three (our last big holiday as such!). It was a great day!

Happy Easter from the W. family!

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