Monday, April 7, 2014


The weather has really been warming up here lately, and because we are cheap, we have been resisting turning on our air conditioning as much as possible. Neither Eric nor I mind being warm (heck, in college I lived in a dorm room with no air conditioning, in a red brick building, in central Florida BY CHOICE - it was a steal!), and Ellie prefers to spend all her free time out on our porch anyway (usually in nothing but a diaper). So, we've been embracing the warmth.

My absolute favorite thing about this temperature change and increased outdoor time is the changes it has brought to Ellie's hair, which now spends its days beautifully curling around her ears and the back of her head. I've been hoping for curls, and it seems we finally have enough hair to see them. They were worth the wait and somehow have managed to make her even sweeter.

Curly locks

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