Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's a Neeeeew Caaaar!

How was my game show announcer voice for this post title? Did anyone get that?

Anyway, one of the new additions to our new life in Jacksonville is a new car! Up until now we have only been driving a car we (very generously) received from my grandmother when we first moved to Florida. It's a 1997 Chevy Lumina, and when we got it in December, it only had about 28, 000 miles on it. My grandmother gave it to us free and clear, all we had to do was pay the mechanic bill for whatever work needed to be done to get it up to snuff. Since then, it has had a few kinks to work out - new tires, new alternator, new battery, A/C issues - but overall, it has served us well and it was so nice have a car waiting for us when we arrived in Florida, especially one without a monthly payment.

Our plan was to stick with that car until we got to Jacksonville, then we could see how our schedule/budget was coming together and we could decide if we needed a second car and/or if could afford something new. Ultimately, the verdict was that yes, we desperately needed a second car. Eric's schedule didn't work out in a way that would make it easy or realistic for me to take him to and pick him up from work every day, so he would take the car and Ellie and I would be stuck at home. I love that kid, but I was starting to feel like the walls were closing in and there are only so many walks I can take along that same path in our backyard without going a little stir crazy.

We also had a rather unexpected financial windfall come our way, which made getting a new car possible. So, the search was on. Eric handled all the research; I pretty much just chimed in with color preferences.

We started by looking at hybrid models, primarily the Prius, which we loved but decided was just too small for a potentially growing family (NOT ANY TIME SOON, DON'T GET EXCITED) who wants to take road trips. (Ever try to fit a Pack 'N Play, large suitcase, set of golf clubs, stroller and box fan in a trunk? You need a little bit of space.) We also looked at the Civic Hybrid, but it was also too small.

That led us to the Camry, both hybrid and regular, and the Honda Accord. Although it is not a hybrid, we ultimately decided on the Accord. It will be primarily driven on the highway (back and forth to work for Eric), so the advantage of a hybrid was minimal. We liked the size, the ride, and the features. The model we ended up with has a sun roof, back-up camera and lane-change camera (enables you to see everything to the right of you). Hey, what can I say? We went snazzy.

Want to see our new ride?

There she is!

Rear view


Pretty nice, right? It is the first new car either of us has ever owned, and we're pretty pleased with it. Our hope is that both of our current cars will last us until our family outgrows sedan-sized vehicles (God-willing, if that is in the cards for us), and then we can ditch the Lumina, have the Accord be our second car and buy something bigger. But for now, both are just great for our needs. Ellie and I drive the old car for our short-distance errands day-to-day (if we are going somewhere further like the beach, Eric and I trade cars), and Eric drives the new car on the highway to work to maximize gas mileage. So far, so good!


Lauren said...

Awesome I have had two Hondas and they last forever and are the best cars (in my opinion) :-D Very spiffy!!!

Keeping Pace said...

It's beautiful, congratulations!