Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Giving Picasso a Run For His Money

My last post was all about creativity inspired by Pinterest, but we don't need no stinkin' Pinterest to come up with ALL of our creative ideas around here, now do we? I should think not.

A few weeks ago, Eric and I were browsing around in Michael's (I wanted to get some knitting supplies to practice with, and he is a saint and went with me) when we came across these tiny little canvases that came with tiny little easels. They were packaged in a set of two for $5, so an idea was born: we should paint portraits of each other!

Come on, people. Don't be surprised. Surely you know by now that we are dorks.

So, we stocked up on all the necessary supplies: two of those canvas/easel packs, a big ol' assortment of brushes, a starter set of acrylic paint, and even a little artist's palette. We were good to go.

Then at last, it was time to let the creative juices flow. I painted Eric, he painted me, and I painted Achilles. It was a blast.

Our workspace

Let's get this painting party started!

Eric looks like a natural.

Hard at work painting my pooch

At last, the finished masterpieces were ready for their unveiling:

Me with the painted version of myself, by the great Eric

Eric gives his portrait the side-eye right back!

Achilles shows off his profile, although the real inspiration for his portrait was the picture below:

Ah, there's that tongue we know and love.

Not too shabby, eh? We may have found our calling!

W. family masterpieces!


Anonymous said...

Those are sooo cute love! :-)-Lauren

KSK said...

That's great!! You could go on the road,painting people :)

Jessica said...

Hahaha!! So funny, and you did a great job! You are a natural.

Dad said...

Hmmm...these look alot like they might go on a trip. Achilles on a stick for this weekend?

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Those are so cute and miniature! What a fun date night idea :)

I've always wanted to go to a paint your own pottery place but this is a great, at-home alternative!