Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Day Eve

Tomorrow is Moving Day! We have had a very long, tiring weekend getting everything ready, but I think I can officially say we're (pretty much) ready for the movers' arrival at 9:00 tomorrow.

In less positive news, I may have broken up to three toes. Maybe I just bruised them, but who can say for sure? So that's fun.

Eric and I did take a brief packing break today to go out and relax and enjoy our neighborhood a bit, which was very nice. I'll share more about that later. And of course, as you know, we've been enjoying the view. The Empire State Building is lit up red, white and blue this weekend for Presidents' Day, which is my second favorite ESB color scheme (second to orange and blue, naturally). And of course, I showed you the moon. Put the two together, and it's been a great last weekend for our view.

 Moon on the far left and Empire State Building on the far right

Empire State Building last night

Last night we even slept with the blinds in our bedroom open all night, so we could fall asleep while admiring the view. Of course, we woke up this morning to a snowy view again, so that killed that good feeling, but it sure was nice at night. (I mean, it was 67 degrees on Friday, and then today we got three inches of snow. What kind of mind game is that???)

The plan now is to spend the rest of the night finishing up some clean-up, packing last minute items, etc. The movers will arrive at 9:00 tomorrow morning, so we will be up before then to really finish everything up (pack linens and towels, break down our Sleep Number bed, etc.). It should take the movers about three hours to get all our stuff out, then Eric (or I, that's still being debated) will go over to meet them at the new place in Hoboken and oversee the move-in while I (or Eric) stay behind to start the cleaning and painting that needs to be done in the old place before we officially hand in our keys. Then the Hoboken person will come back over to Manhattan for a while to help finish things up, but we will officially be spending tomorrow night in Hoboken. Our lease here doesn't actually run out until midnight on Wednesday, so if we need to finish anything else up on Wednesday we can, but we're not planning to. And then we will officially be New Jersey residents. I'm still very sad to go but am looking forward to Hoboken more and more.

So, wish us luck! My next post will be coming to you from Hoboken!


moderndaywife said...

Good luck you two!

Jessica said...

Awww!! Enjoy moving day - if you can manage it. I am happy for you and Eric!

Dad said...

Hope all goes smoothly today. All the moving out work is 'pretty much' over. :o)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Sorry to hear about your toes! Hope moving day goes smoothly for you :)

Lucia said...

Get some rest tonight! Tomorrow is going to be crazy. Hope Achilles can handle it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes smooth with the move. A new chapter in your life!! Take care,
Aunt Rachel