Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enjoying the View

If you hate pictures of our view, brace yourselves, because I'm planning to share as many as I possibly can for the next 13 days. We are officially under two weeks until our move to Hoboken, so you better believe I'm taking a bajillion view pictures before we lose it forever. For the next two weeks, I might even take more pictures of the view than the dog, and that is quite a feat, my friends.

On Sunday, the Empire State Building was looking rather sporty in honor of the Superbowl. They had the north/south sides of the building lit up green and yellow for the Packers, and the east/west sides lit up yellow and black for the Steelers (although I'm never sure if it's actually possible to "light it up" black, or if they just leave it dark?). I love when the Empire State Building gets excited about sporting events!

Superbowl Empire State Building

As we all know, the Packers did win the Superbowl, which made me happy. As a Cleveland girl, I have been taught to Just Say No to all things Steelers, so YAY for The-Team-That-Isn't-The-Steelers and their Superbowl win! On Monday, the Empire State Building lit up ONLY green and yellow in honor of the Packers, but the rain came in before we could get a picture of that so you'll just have to trust me.

Since I whined about the lousy weather inhibiting my view enjoyment, we actually have had a few very clear days and nights and I have been soaking up every second.

The Empire State Building lit up red and yellow for the Lunar New Year on February 3rd

A fuller look at our view, when the Empire State Building was lit up in orange and blue for World Cancer Day 2011 (and/or the Gators) on February 4th

Eric's view of the sunrise as he gets ready for work in the morning

Beautiful sunset light reflecting on the buildings

Looking northeast on a clear afternoon

Beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

Don't make me leave this apartment!!!

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Becky said...

Oh Meghan, I'm so sorry you have to leave! I felt the same way when we had to leave the views from the beach. You will survive!!