Friday, October 29, 2010

My Five Minutes of Fame

This week I had yet another random NYC experience: I modeled a "last-minute DIY Halloween costume" on a local morning show!

I heard about this opportunity on, which I frequent. It all started back when I was planning my wedding, and relied hugely on to help plan my wedding. Because I was planning a Florida wedding from D.C., the vendor recommendations made by local FL girls were indispensable, and they did not steer me wrong. Our wedding was awesome. After the wedding, I made the move over to The Knot's sister site, The Nest, geared towards young newlyweds. I feel like a dork saying it, but I have made some friends on there and I do enjoy it.

Anyway. Early this week, there was a post on The Nest looking for New York area girls to model these last-minute do-it-yourself costume ideas for The Nest on Fox's Good Day New York. I didn't think much of it, but Eric really encouraged me to do it. I emailed the contact person just to see what would happen, and they responded and asked me to model for them. I was super nervous about it - talk about being out of my comfort zone! I mean, my sister is the morning show star, not me. But I thought it would be a cool opportunity to see how these shows work, and I've been trying to live my life with the philosophy of never turning down an opportunity to try something new. So, I went for it.

Wednesday I had to go down to The Knot's headquarters in SoHo for my costume fitting. They sent a car service to pick me up and bring me back home afterwards (fancy schmancy!). Let me tell you - seeing The Knot's offices was probably the coolest part for me. I have always thought it would be fun to work there, and seeing the office confirmed that for me. Everyone was about my age, all just sitting around working on wedding stuff all day. I love wedding stuff! I love going to weddings, planning weddings, watching weddings on TV, etc. I love planning and organization and creativity. I would LOVE it there. Now, I just need them to agree that I should work there...

Anyway. I had my costume fitting on Wednesday, and was informed I was going to be a member of the "tea party:" a group of three girls wearing t-shirts with Ts on them and carrying tea cups. Kind of lame, but whatever. Some of the other costumes included Mad Men, Snooki and the Situation (from Jersey Shore, of course), a bed bug and bed bug victim, and a road trip. I tried on my t-shirt then left with reporting instructions for the show.

Thursday morning they again sent a car service to pick me up and take me to the Fox Studios on the East side. We arrived by 8:00 a.m. for our 9:30 segment. When we got there, they sent us upstairs. We got off the elevator and walked down a long hallway, where all the various past celebrity guests had signed their names on the walls.

Some of the wall signatures in the hallway

We then spent some time in the green room, having breakfast and getting into costume. They also sent us down the hall for makeup touch-ups. So fun! Then we lined up and went into the studio to wait for our segment.

As we stood in the background, we could watch the hosts interview guests and cut to on-location reporters for other segments. It was cool to watch it all happening live. During a commercial break, they had us rehearse our segment once, then it was go time.

It all went pretty quickly. The Nest's lifestyles editor spoke with the hosts and all of us modeled our costumes. I had told my sister that I would be doing this, and she said I should do a pinky-up sip from my teacup as a "hello" to her, so I did! I was very nervous and felt super awkward, but it was over quickly. Thank goodness! I just don't think I'm cut out for live TV.

The "tea party" on the red carpet


Hi, Heather!

At the end of the segment, they had all the costume models come back out

After it was over, we changed out of our costumes and they arranged another car service to drive me back home. My driver that time was a very talkative woman who just went on and on about how beautiful I looked and how cool what I just did was, so that was a nice ego boost. Then I came home to watch myself on TV. Do you want to see me, too? I'm sharing this against my better judgment, so you better enjoy:

VIDEO: Our segment on Good Day New York

You can also read the accompanying article here.

All in all, it was definitely a cool experience, but I think I'll stick to watching TV as opposed to starring in it.


Lauren said...

OMG what an awesome experience I am so envious that you got to see the actual "Knot" headquarters swoon!!!! :-) You look great too on tv!

Dad said...

Way to go Meghan! Can't believe you didn't tell me. One more thing to cross off a list.

AD said...

Meghan, that is SO COOL!!!! I knew I should have gotten your autograph when I last saw you. Dang. Next time!! (BTW, you sipped with tres finesse!)

Molly said...

Ha that's so awesome! You should totally use this as leverage on your resume for applying to work at The Knot! Do it! :)

Megan said...

SO awesome :) You were made to live in NYC...for real.

Anonymous said...

Another celebrity in the Hesterman clan! You looked geat!
Love, Aunt Rachel