Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Shameless Plug

 My sister Heather and Respect co-star Eileen performing on Good Day Tampa Bay
(photo from here)

So, it is no secret to you all now that I am my sister's Biggest Fan. That should be obvious by my regular gushing over her talent and beauty. It's sickening, really.

But, I'm here to do it again! Heather and the rest of the ladies of Respect: A Musical Journey of Women did a couple of media appearances this week to continue promoting the show. They appeared on Studio 10 yesterday morning, and Fox's Good Day Tampa Bay today. And what sort of fan club leader would I be if I did not share this information with you? Not a very good one, that's for sure.

Below is the video of the ladies' appearance on Good Day Tampa Bay this morning (you can also see the online write-up here):

VIDEO: Heather and the rest of the Respect ladies on Good Day Tampa Bay

I can't figure out exactly how to get the Studio 10 appearance videos directly into my blog, but if you're interested in more Respect action you can read about it here, or watch their interview and performance of "Respect" here (I like when they all name their favorite parts of the show!), and/or watch another performance of "I Am Woman" here.

And remember, Respect runs through September 26th at the Straz Center's Jaeb Theater! Be sure to check it out!

Go Heather!


Dad said...

Wish we could go together a couple of more times :o)

Becky said...

No, I'M her biggest fan!

Molly said...

Yay, Heather!!