Thursday, September 9, 2010

Huddle to Fight Hunger

Yesterday morning Eric and I went down to Herald Square to check out the kickoff of Kraft Foods' Huddle to Fight Hunger, featuring Joe Montana (former 49ers QB, and Eric's favorite childhood athlete), Erin Andrews (ESPN reporter, Dancing with the Stars alum, and fellow Gator girl) and Pat and Gina Neely (celebrity chefs from the Food Network).

The event was scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m., but we got down there around 9:30. They had quite a setup, with a football toss station, media stations, and a cooking station. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was also there, and we soon had the Kool-Aid Man, a Giant Oreo, and Mr. Peanut walking around among us.

The event area, all set up and ready to go

Wienermobile, Kool-Aid Man and Oreo

Mr. Peanut

We didn't have to wait long before Joe Montana showed up! It was very exciting.

Joe Montana arriving at the event

Hi, Joe!

We made note of where Joe entered from and started hovering around there, waiting for Erin Andrews to show up. We were both wearing Gator gear and were hoping for a picture with her. Unfortunately, she snuck in from the other side of the setup! So, we missed her. She went right in and got down to work, interviewing and being interviewed.

Erin Andrews being interviewed

Erin doing the interviewing

The Neelys also showed up pretty soon after Erin, and went right over to the Wienermobile to kick things off. (Confession: I actually don't know who the Neelys are, but a lot of people were excited about them so I guess they are a big deal. I don't watch the Food Network, so I guess I am out of the loop. No offense, Neelys!)

The Neelys

Unfortunately, the whole thing got off to a late start (around 10:30) and Eric had to get to work for a conference call at 11:00. So, he had to leave pretty soon after Erin arrived. I stuck around for a bit, though. (Funny side story - as Eric was leaving, he walked behind me to head north and sort of ran his hands across my back as he passed by. I was standing next to a couple of NYC cops, and as soon as Eric passed, they asked if I knew him. They were concerned that he was pretty "handsy" and suggested that I check my purse because he may have lifted my wallet! Ha! I assured them that it was alright, he was my husband and therefore was allowed to be handsy and probably did not steal my wallet. Funny!)

The whole event was really pretty fun, featuring all sorts of ways to "earn" meals for local charities. For instance, you could get in line to do the football toss alongside Joe Montana, and depending on which holes you got the football through, they would donate a certain number of meals

 Erin and Joe did the football toss first, before the spectators. Would you like to guess who was better?

Joe in the football toss area

VIDEO: Joe Montana throwing a football at the Huddle for Hunger

What a shame Eric had to go to work and didn't get an opportunity to throw with Joe! That would have been so awesome.

They also had a media station set up for Erin Andrews, and you could sign up to be interviewed by her. One interview earned 10 donated meals! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to signing up before she left.

Erin interviewing one of my NYPD friends

You could also earn meals by doing various things on Facebook or Twitter (such as "liking" their Facebook fan page here). If you want to see other ways that you can earn donated meals, click here for a full list.

They also had the Neelys doing a Kraft cooking demonstration - they were grilling up some burgers and hot dogs, and they smelled delicious!

The Neelys, doing some cooking

And of course, all of the various celebrities took turns hopping into the Wienermobile for a photo-op!

Joe, the Neelys, and Erin with the Wienermobile

The celebs all left after about an hour or two (as did I), but the fun continued into the afternoon. I hope they were able to earn a lot of meals for the hungry!

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Becky said...

I can't believe I'm actually aware of someone that you're not! I have seen the Neely's on TV.