Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Defacing Public Property

Before I share this post, I should mention the two birthdays we're celebrating this week: Achilles' and my mom's! Yesterday was Achilles' 7th "birthday," or more accurately, the 6th anniversary of his adoption. He celebrated with a pig ear and a new water bowl. Fancy! And today is my mom's birthday, too. Happy birthday, Mom! Hope you're having a great day!

I just had to share that a few weeks ago (the night of Fashions Night Out, actually) I crossed another item off my bucket list - I wrote in wet cement! This is something I've wanted to do for some time, as goofy as that is. When I was in college, I remember sitting near Little Hall, waiting for class to start and noticing that there was wet cement right next to me. I considered writing something in it, but chickened out. And then I regretted it forever, because how much fun would it be to go back to the University of Florida campus and see my writings in cement from college days? SO FUN. Opportunity missed!

They recently built a new condo building across the street from us, and finally filled in the sidewalk in front of it. I kept an eye on the cement process from our living room, knowing that this was my big chance to cross this item off. I was so excited, not unlike Michael Scott in this clip from The Office:

VIDEO: Michael Scott is pretty pumped about a wet cement opportunity.

So I stalked my prey.

Then, the timing worked out perfectly that one night. We left for Fashion's Night Out around 6:00, shortly after the construction workers had filled that portion of the sidewalk and left for the day. I seized the opportunity and grabbed a bobby pin out of my purse to do my writing. The cement was already drying, so I had to really scratch into it (it wasn't just easy gliding through the cement as I expected), but I got the job done. Victory!

M hearts E, there in the sidewalk for all the world to see!

Alright, so it's not super easy to see, but I'm proud of my work anyway!

Okay, so maybe this wasn't one of the most exciting things on my bucket list, but hey, it was on there. And as I have said, don't put anything on your bucket list that you're not actually prepared to cross off. I just wonder how long our initials will live in the NYC cement? I hope it will be a very long time!

P.S. Is it bad to share your adventures in defacing public property on your mom's birthday? Sorry, Mom!

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